>Beck: The Horrific State of Politics in This Country, Now

>Excerpted from Billy Beck:
… My net.reading over the last couple of days is fraught with every sort of bloody outrage, but this is very illuminating of the horrific state of politics in this country, now. This is criminal arrogance. No polity that values freedom could possibly brook that in peace. That doddering old sonofabitch — and all like him — would be instantly pitched straight into the Potomac. The implications of his audacity ought to be obvious, and I simply do not understand a people who would not be summarily done with him.

That’s the very face of hell, right there.

3 responses to “>Beck: The Horrific State of Politics in This Country, Now

  1. >I tried contacting John Conyers webiste this PM and cant get a message to go thru, I figure his site is overwhelmed by people who can read.

  2. >Mr. Conyers,If you don't have time to read the bill, then sir, it is your duty to vote against it. No discussion is possible.

  3. >You ever stop to think that his commentary is not on the uselessness of reading the bill as much as it's about the sheer inane complexity of the bill and the time required by him and his staff to sift through a bill of that size with any accuracy? Don't fall in with MSM spin, sure, but following the follower is just as bad or worse.The REAL problem with the bill is that it exists, is 1,000 pages long and takes an army of overpaid staff to make a 10 page summary that Conyers will then ignore. It's a prime example of bureaucratic bloat, and the real reason that we should be mad.