Sixty-four years ago tomorrow, warning leaflets were dropped over major Japanese cities, reading as follows:

“Read this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or friend. In the next few days, some or all of the cities named on the reverse side will be destroyed by American bombs. These cities contain military installations and workshops or factories which produce military goods. We are determined to destroy all of the tools of the military clique which they are using to prolong this useless war. But, unfortunately, bombs have no eyes. So, in accordance with America’s humanitarian policies, the American Air Force, which does not wish to injure innocent people, now gives you warning to evacuate the cities named and save your lives. America is not fighting the Japanese people but is fighting the military clique which has enslaved the Japanese people. The peace which America will bring will free the people from the oppression of the military clique and mean the emergence of a new and better Japan. You can restore peace by demanding new and good leaders who will end the war. We cannot promise that only these cities will be among those attacked but some or all of them will be, so heed this warning and evacuate these cities immediately.”

Five days later, on August 6, 1945, the Japanese city of Hiroshima was obliterated by the first use of an atomic weapon against a populated target.

On August 9, 1945, a second atomic weapon was dropped by the US Army Air Force on Nagasaki.

Flash-cut to today.

At the American governmental Leviathan’s current course and speed, is it not predictable that someday soon, government lackeys across the former Republic will soon be receiving modern versions of that warning leaflet?

Read this leaflet carefully, as it may save your life or the life of a relative or friend.

In the next few months, personnel and facilities of some or all of the governmental agencies at the local, state, and Federal level listed below will be attacked and destroyed by free American men and women. Those personnel and facilities have been hired and used over the past decade to deprive Americans of their basic human rights, including the right to be free from unreasonable arrests, searches, and seizures. The operations of these personnel and facilities violate the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As such, we are determined to destroy the totalitarian vermin who have placed their interests ahead of their fellow Americans, as well as all of the tyrants’ tools possessed by those traitors.

Unfortunately, despite every effort to target only specific personnel and facilities, innocent people may be accidentally injured by our actions. So, in accordance with America’s traditional beliefs in fair play and justice, American freedom fighters, who do not wish to injure innocent people, now urge you to do the following:

– If you possibly can, resign from your position in the government. As a believer in traditional American values, you should no longer be willing to aid and abet the monsters who use you to inflict their will on your fellow Americans.

– If you cannot resign from your position but believe that your agency is part of the totalitarian regime destroying this country, provide any and all information you believe might be useful to the American Restoration, in electronic or hard-copy format, to the following electronic and physical addresses:

[insert 3rd-world addresses located in nations estranged from the US government]

– If you must stay in your job, remember to “strike in place”, whether by refusing to work efficiently, obstructing or sabotaging your agency’s anti-freedom efforts, and/or by providing information regarding your agency’s incompetence and/or corruption to as many media outlets as possible.

We in the American fighting forces will make every effort to provide specific advance warnings of attacks against specific targets, wherever possible, so as to minimize any risk to innocent Americans. Stay aware of your circumstances, and when in doubt, avoid government locations and the company of totalitarian collaborators.

Remember: if you are reading this leaflet, you are the American Resistance. Together, we can restore American political freedom and individual human rights.


[insert potential target list]

Food for thought, against a terrible hypothetical future.

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  1. >I've read one of the most interesting articles, besides the great ones on this site. And since this article is talking about the Japanese in WW2, this sort of fits! I hope you can get the link: http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2009/07/sympathy-for-americas-devils.html

  2. >And the question arises: What does one do about those who choose to remain loyal to the Imperium, & yes, I also include the families who willingly stay w/ & support those who made that decision. Having been excoriated in other venues by self-styled Paragons of Military Virtue & Conduct for asking that & other 'inconvenient' questions, it's interesting to see the dearth of comment by same now. Why so quiet, ye members of the Most Holy & Protective Order of the Knights for the Restoration of Constitutional Government & Social Decency in America Inc., L.L.C.? Hold forth, & BOLDLY! Cassandra (of Troy)