>Big Fur Hat’s "Put the Text On Pelosi’s Tramp Stamp"

>Continuing our mockery of those who presume to rule America, Big Fur Hat (also just added to the blogroll) brings us his contest to caption SanFranNan’s backside billboard:

We heard the whispers, that we’d reached our nadir, that we were scratching the underside of the bottom of the barrel. Nope. Not even close. Admittedly, this may be a Jitney to hell, but hell isn’t our last stop. We present to you Contest #4. How low can YOU go?

Entries so far (rated a hard PG, at least) in the comments at Big Fur Hat’s place. Make sure you post your suggestions there with the designation “III”.


6 responses to “>Big Fur Hat’s "Put the Text On Pelosi’s Tramp Stamp"

  1. >"If you are reading this, you are too damned close"

  2. >Gag a maggot!But, I's a ho for BO has a ring to it.

  3. >Why bother leaving a text? Most decent folk would be blind long before they could finish reading!

  4. >Enjoy?Posting your mother's backside does not bring to mind the word "Enjoy!"I would wager that matches most of our mothers' backsides.This is clever?Gee thanks.

  5. >Scott:Your mom's not a Commie, is she?SanFranNan sure is, and is thus subject to all kinds of abuse.You'll also note that I did NOT post this related contest by Big Fur Hat:IOTW Caption Contest #2