>Fitness Drill For The Weekend

>Suggestion for some movement exercises that can be done in the local park w/o your longarm (of course, you can and should use your rifle and related gear where such is acceptable):

1) Place two traffic cones (or lawn chairs) 100 yards or so apart, then warm up with six 100-yard sprints as fast and hard as you can.

2) Then, starting at cone/chair #1, get into quasi-prone position (belly and hips flat on ground, your upper chest/neck/head held off the ground by your elbows.

3) At the ‘go’ signal, roll explosively to the left or right, get to your feet and sprint as hard as you can for as long as it takes you to say “I’m up — he sees me — I’m down.”

4) On the “down” part of that mantra, drop immediately to the ground and assume quasi-prone again.

5) Give yourself a fifteen-second recovery period, then repeat steps 3 and 4 again.

6) Repeat step 5 until you reach cone/chair #2, then reverse directions and repeat.

7) One repetition is going from cone/chair #1 to cone/chair #2 and back; continue this drill for 5 repetitions.

8) Complete your exercise period with another six 100-yard sprints, as fast and hard as possible.

3 responses to “>Fitness Drill For The Weekend

  1. >When you write my widdow, to tell her what happened, you WILL embelish a little, right??? 😉

  2. >You betcha. I'll explain how you died defending some children against a violent predator.

  3. >I am joining Mousel's MMA gym Monday. I know I am subjecting myself to torture for a few months until I get back in shape.