>III Flag (Variant), Georgia

>Courtesy of BT.

And for those who quail at the Confederate flag, I give you Georgia’s flag from 1956 until 2001, when the experience of neighboring South Carolina cowed the Legislature into abandoning that design and ultimately adopting the current banner:
All hands, prepare to repel charges of racism and pro-slavery sentiments.

To those who would spread such calumnies, I give you Professor Lorenzo.

Sic semper tyrannis.

UPDATE 2305 EDST 30 OCT 2009: Am advised the that III flag variant in question is simply the First National III and is in fact located in Texas. My bad — but what would it take to make the current Georgia flag into the same?

Just sayin’….

4 responses to “>III Flag (Variant), Georgia

  1. >I being a Georgian love the fact that we avoided all charges of racism by changing the flag from containing the Battle flag to being a version of the First national Flag of the Confederacy!Grenadier1

  2. >Dang it, them Georgia boys done beat me to it! ;o)(Ex-pat Alabamian) Seriously, that's exactly what I had in mind….and I always preferred the First National anyway, since it's the flag of a sovereign nation.BoarHawg

  3. >Grenadier1:I assume you realized that the flag in the picture is simply the First National III, and there is no reason to "avoid racism" screw them. Here is a picture of our yearly family reunion which always includes many descendants of my 2X grandfather's Master Servant. They know as well as I, what it truly stands for.http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aVrIzG0

  4. >The Confederate flag has less to do with "racism" than the Israeli flag, which flies over a legally racially segregated state, but we're supposed to worship and sacrifice for Israel, but hate ourselves for being Southerners, according to the SPLC, the ADL, et al? It's hypocrisy writ large if you ask me.