>SNL’s Most Recent Opening Sketch

From this past Saturday’s Saturday Night Live episode, as posted by Denninger.

That’s $798.9 billion dollars, to be precise, owed by the USA to the PRC as of 30 September 09.

And that Communist-owned piece of the US government debt problem is only a portion of the $12.011 trillion dollars owed by the FedGov to both domestic creditors and foreign creditors all over the world as of 19 November 09.

I wonder who’s going to win Dancing With The Stars?

One response to “>SNL’s Most Recent Opening Sketch

  1. >That was classic! If only it weren't so true. As much as I wanted to laugh the real gravity of the situation prevented me. You know the Obamessiah is pissing everybody off when liberal SNL starts to make fun of him in that manner.