>National Health Care Realities

>Over at The Smallest Minority, the same gent who gave us this superb post on the continuing socialist agenda shares his experiences with and findings on Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

It is appalling what the Brits have done to themselves.

Even worse, we plan to do much the same thing — public option or no public option.

Read it all and pass it on.

Remember — when this debacle is finished, the Bad People will have central Federal control over both

– your money (via their control of the finance/banking/insurance industries, along with the entire IRS Federal tax collection and enforcement mechanism),


– your life (via Obamacare).

At least a common stick-up artist used to give his victims a choice between their money or their lives…

Had enough yet?

One response to “>National Health Care Realities

  1. >Isn't that exactly the same pattern Hitler followed: 1. Take over the banking, finance, and industrial production base.2. Take over all health care, rationing it to the point of roving euthanasia gas em vans. And then: 3. Disarm the people. After that, all else was easy, leading straight to world war and the ovens – at that point, the Dear Leader can do whatever he wants. Or is that bad form to point out? Godwin can kiss my ass. It's only bad form when it doesn't fit like a friggin glove. How the hell are you supposed to put real teeth into "never again" unless you have the intellectual honesty to see it happening, again? HPL