>CMP: More Greek HXP .30-06 Ammo Soon

>From the Civilian Marksmanship Program:

MORE .30-06 HXP AMMO SOON: The CMP has been successful in acquiring another large quantity of HXP .30-06 ammo. We expect delivery in Jan 2010 and should have the ammo ready for sale by Feb or Mar. Until we actually receive and inspect the ammo, we will not know what packaging configurations will be available, but expect them to be the same as we have had for the past few years. We do not yet know what our final cost will be. We do know that the quantity is large enough to satisfy our customer needs for several years. We will not accept any pre-orders or establish a waiting list. Thanks for your support and patience.

Suggest you sign up for CMP emails for updates; if you snooze, you WILL lose.

4 responses to “>CMP: More Greek HXP .30-06 Ammo Soon

  1. >Good! Am I allowed to purchase this ammo? I'm not a CMP member.But it will be just in time for my new/old M1 Garand I'll be buying tomorrow.B WoodmanIII-per

  2. >Do an Appleseed, join the RWVA and you're all set to get a Garand and take advantage of other bennies.

  3. >Very Nice, Hopefully they will have some when I eventually go home. I can use about 10 more cans of the stuff.