>Global Guerrillas: Standing Orders

From John Robb’s Global Guerrillas; read each, think, adapt to your particulars, and pass on:

#1: Break Networks

#2: Grow Black Economies

#3: Virtualize Your Organization

#4: Repetition Is More Important Than Scale

#5: Cooperation, Not Competition

#6: Don’t Fork The Insurgency

#7: Minimalist Rule Sets Work Best

#8: Self-Replicate

#9: Share or Copy Everything That Works

#10: Release Early & Often

#11: Co-Opt, Don’t Own Basic Services

More as they become available, and if you are not yet convinced why Robb’s site should be a bookmarked everyday stop for you, this recap/linkage of several topics should help convince you.

We value free expression here. We loathe and mock gutter behavior. Your thoughts on the post above?

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