>Codrea: Two Looks Inside Their Briefs

>Please read both of these articles from David’s Examiner column:

Chicago Gun Case Brief Shows Prohibitionists Unreasonable

Chicago Gun Case: Top Globalist Cops Say Keeping Americans Disarmed Is ‘Reasonable’

Know your enemies.

(Illustration by Oleg Volk)

One response to “>Codrea: Two Looks Inside Their Briefs

  1. >I've been trying to reconcile my feelings over what happened in WA today.On the one hand, I'm obviously sickened and saddened by the fact that 4 men (actually 3 men and a woman) are dead. I grieve for their families' loss as well.On the other hand, if this bunch of tyrants and traitors continues their advance into darkness, this is exactly the sort of thing that's going to have to happen – daily and everywhere – if America is ever going to have a chance to return to her former glory.Make no mistake, anyone: If the ballot/soap/jury boxes fail, and we're forced to take up the cartridge box, this sort of horror will – of necessity – become commonplace. This is what "Oath Keepers" and others are trying to prevent. Make no mistake: if it comes, the blood will rightly lie on the hands and heads of folks like the SPLC and the media whores who are undermining patriotic efforts and shilling for the globalist/marxist agenda.God help us, and God Save Our Republic!