>Climategate And The Burden of Proof

Watch the video above of Lord Monckton on Climategate at the 2nd International Climate Conference, then read this entry from Samizdata, which begins:

I’ve just been watching this video [above] of Lord Monckton laying into the Climategate gang. What makes it so potent is that he is quite bluntly calling them crooks, and calling anyone who still follows their fraudulent prophecies dupes and fools. He names names, and crimes. Yes, crimes. And yes, criminals. Criminals with names. Monckton does all this in his posh British public school voice. Nevertheless, you can almost see him doing that thing that fist fighters do, but with their beckoning hands rather than with their mouths, and pointing at their own chins. Come and get me! Give me your best shot! I say you are a pack of scoundrels. Prove me wrong! I say that the logical thing to do about “climate change” is: nothing. Nothing. Why on earth do you still have the damned nerve to think anything else?

Such pugilistic vulgarities are not to be found in the text of the talk. Monckton is too canny, too cool, to get that excited.

But that is the subtext.

Here is some other evidence that those with the job of chasing crooks are now getting interested in this.

I agree with Johnathan Pearce in the previous posting that the old-school media are definitely, albeit belatedly and with much embarrassment and confusion, starting to notice all this. You can feel that most crucial of propaganda processes happening with Climategate: the reversing of the burden of proof. Unfair to all the fraud detectives (Watts, McIntyre, and the rest of them, including Monckton himself) though it undoubtedly was, those noble toilers, until the Climategate revelations erupted, had to prove everything, in defiance of the default position. Their every tiny blemish was jumped upon. Their major claims were ignored. Now the default position is slowly mutating into: It’s all made-up nonsense. And the burden of proof is shifting onto the shoulders of all those who want to go on believing in such ever more discredited alarmism. In short, our side is winning this argument, big time…

Read the rest, and cross your fingers.

And realize that their humiliation on the carbon scam will infuriate the Tranzis and drive them to other fronts.

2 responses to “>Climategate And The Burden of Proof

  1. >I love this guy! Mind you, I don't have much use for aristocrats or people with fancy titles, but this man tells it like it is.I especially like his "traffic light" characterization of Green activists. To paraphrase: "They call themselves Green because they're too yellow to admit they're Reds."

  2. >Thanks so much for posting this.Didn't have to spend very long inside the 181 page Copenhagen document (http://www.webcommentary.com/signrep.php) to make up my mind to sign Monckton's "Instrument of Repudiation Opposing Treaty of Copenhagen." Most of the 'treaty' looks to be about methods of 'financing' and subsequent distribution of the 'finances' along with measuring various things in the environment to check up on compliance.Looks to me like a big (or biggest?) part of this whole deal is the establishment of Environmental-Reparations, to be paid in part to (p.122) "environmental-refugees" in the name of "environmental-justice." 'Cause, don't-ya-know, us American-Capitalists is jes plain EVIL…They could have saved an awful lot of trees by simply putting this on page one:(from p.127) "Developed country Parties shall provide financial resources and TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY to developing country Parties to MAKE FULL and EFFECTIVE REPAYMENT of climate debt (Huh?), including…taking responsibility for their historical cumulative emissions (Take that, America, for being 'CIVILIZED" for so long!) and current high per capita emissions."CFACT has been added to my bookmarks.