>Still More Ammo

>Santa wants you to convert your paper dollars into copper, brass, steel, and lead; your family will understand.

No financial interest here — just want folks to have more than enough ammo for the New Year.

Tempus fugit.

8 responses to “>Still More Ammo

  1. >30-06, best round ever devised.Mountain rifleman

  2. >Any kind of material tangible goods (books, ammo, ammo components, food & food storage, firewood, etc, etc) will soon become more valuable then the paper fiat currency. Even some intangibles (knowledge) will become "worth its weight in gold".B WoodmanIII-per

  3. >Warms my heart.Ammo, lots of it. It means so much…Tangible Treasure, Liberty, Practice for a terrible future day, an inheritance of a tradition to children and grand children or just an afternoon at the range plinking with family and friends. It seems to be uniquely American, and when fired smells like Freedom.Do it for the children, buy it now while you can..

  4. >Ammo is a good thing to have. I am focusing on some other concerns these days. It is too easy to get gun/ ammo centric. Do however need to stash a couple more cases of rifle ammo and some pistol/ shotgun.

  5. >Since Sportsman's Guide admits that they routinely advertise items as "in stock" even if they don't actually have any (as long as they think they will get it fairly soon- in my case I gave up after over three months) be aware that the only way to be sure that you'll get what you order is to call them on the phone to place the order and ask, very specifically if they have enough to fill your order physically sitting in their warehouse right now.You can't ask if it's "in stock" because of their twisted definition of what that means.I got this information from their employees when I was dealing with my order. The item I ordered actually went on backorder, came back to "in stock" status, and then on backorder again- all while I was waiting for my order to be delivered. After more than three months I gave up and canceled the order and my membership with them.You know, they never once apologized for how they handled the order or even for the delay.Caveat emptor. My philosophy is that I don't deal with companies that will knowingly lie to you in order to get your business.

  6. >In the cities, .556. In the suburbs, .556, 7.62X39, 30.06, in the wide open country, 30.06, and larger, ceptin' fer bunker and trench complexes, in which 9mm, .45 cal etc, come in real handy fer the close in stuff. Let the round and the gun fit the location. No reason you couldn't use large caliber in the cities, it's just the guns they fit can be hard to use in confining spaces. Best to have a good mix of all. Be flexible and be smart. And be sneaky.

  7. >GunGeek, I share your frustration;I have had ammo of various calibers on order from SG since 02/09, and finally got the last of it this month (Dec). Guess it's like the retail stores were for a while, word gets around pretty fast as to who has it, and it's gone shortly afterwards.

  8. >It wouldn't be so bad if Sportsman's Guide would at least be honest about whether or not they actually had the items. I'll order out of stock items knowing that it will be put on backorder, but when they lie to you up front about having something in stock and then keep the lie going for months on end… that's where I draw the line.I won't do business with those kind of people.