>The Thousand-Yard Conspiracy

>Please read these lengthy pieces from Chris Bryne’s The Anarchangel on the theory and practice of developing tools and skills for long-distance shooting:

Roadmap for the Thousand-Yard Conspiracy Posts

Wny Not .30-’06?

Part 1: Paper and Parts

Part 2: .300 WinMag vs. .300 WSM

Part 3: Going Long, For Short

While Chris assembles more posts on the topic, you may want to read these links and this reference work as well.

2 responses to “>The Thousand-Yard Conspiracy

  1. >My wife is so not going to thank you for posting this!The Wretched Dog

  2. >.300WinMag, no question, regardless of PITA belted magnum reloading. Why? Because the US Army has already made the choice to buy lots of it for next-gen precision long-range .30 rifle. That means there will be a shortage of the "right" bullets for a while, tooling will be set up to crank out gazillions of bullets with millions of them passing the QA process, warehouses will fill up, bullets "not quite" passing the QA process (box smudged, etc.) will be sold for 15% of cost of production (2% of contract piece value). .300WM will become popular with civilian shooters (even more) due to cheapness and excellence. As was noted in the article, the cost of ammunition will dwarf the cost of the rifle/barrels. Cheap ammo components are a good thing! $3K in parts (was that including labor?) is starting to get near the price of a box-fed bolt-action .50BMG. This is where it's a lot easier to get 300ft/pounds out of a 350 cubic inch V-8 than out of a 2.0L 4 cyl Ecotec engine. You pay a little more for gas, weighs more, tows more, and hits harder when it gets there. There's a bunch of .50BMG surplus out there and the FCSA has done most of the leg work. Strength training is the key. Cheers.