>A Crisis of Legitimacy

>How many of the so-called domestic and foreign “intelligentsia” appreciate just how deeply divided this country is on Christmas Eve, 2009?

Do you think they understand that, more so than any other time since the months preceding the War of Northern Aggression/War Between the States/American Civil War, this country’s institutions face a crisis of legitimacy that cuts across both major political parties, the overwhelming majority of mainstream media outlets, most mainstream religious institutions, and all three (executive/legislative/judicial) branches of all three tiers (Federal/state/local) of government?

If the global powers-that-be understood how many Americans are saying quiet goodbyes to loved ones this holiday, they would be perplexed.

If those elitists knew how many Americans were using their remaining vacation time in 2009 to clean weapons and pre-position various items needed for the struggle ahead, they would ask, “Why?”

But we know why.

We know about “the Only Ones”, and we know why David Codrea compiles this ongoing tally of police and other governmental hypocrisy:

The purpose of this feature has never been to bash cops. The only reason I do this is to amass a credible body of evidence to present when those who would deny our right to keep and bear arms use the argument that only government enforcers are professional and trained enough to do so safely and responsibly. And it’s also used to illustrate when those of official status, rank or privilege, both in law enforcement and in some other government position, get special breaks not available to we commoners, particularly (but not exclusively) when they’re involved in gun-related incidents.

We know about “the Three Percenters, and why Mike Vanderboegh has told tyrants both petty and grand, “Not One More Inch”. We also know why Mike wrote Attorney General Holder and told him, “No More Free Wacos.

We know about Ruby Ridge.

We know about Waco.

We know how England and the rest of the UK were conquered by bureaucrats from Brussels, along with all of Continental Europe, without a single shot being fired.

We know what a tranzi is.

We know why progressives insist that the US Constitution is “a living constitution”.

We understand Lord Monckton and Watts as they debunk both the “global warming” swindle and its thuggish enforcers.

We understand what Denninger means when he says:

…it is incumbent upon each and every American to be prepared – from this point forward – for the inevitable mathematical consequence of the willful refusal of our Congress and Executive to address the issue of excessive leverage in our business and consumer lending space…

We know why Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama insist on foisting “health care reform” on an unwilling American public.

And we are not having any of it.

The time for talking is over, quoth the 44th President of the United States recently.

We couldn’t agree more.

To the enemies of freedom, be they domestic or foreign, we say:

Your move.

And make sure you mean it.

Because we will.

In spades.

In the meantime, I’m cleaning my gun.

I keep a weather eye on the horizon, my back to the wall
I like to know who’s coming through the door, that’s all
It’s the old army training kicking in
I’m not complaining, it’s the world we live in

Blarney and Malarkey, they’re a devious firm
They’ll take you to the cleaners or let you burn
The help is breaking dishes in the kitchen – thanks a lot
We hired the worst dishwasher this place ever got
Come in below the radar, they want to spoil our fun
In the meantime

I’m cleaning my gun

Remember it got so cold ice froze up the tank
We lit a fire beneath her just so she would crank
I keep a weather eye on the horizon, tap the stormglass now and then
I’ve got a case of Old Damnation for when you get here, my friend
We can have ourselves a party before they come
In the meantime

I’m cleaning my gun

We had women and a mirror ball, we had a dee jay
used to eat pretty much all that came his way
Ever since the goons came in and took apart the place
I keep a tyre iron in the corner, just in case

I gave you a magic bullet on a little chain
to keep you safe from the chilly winds and out of the rain
We’re gonna might need bullets should we get stuck
Any which way, we’re going to need a little luck
You can still get gas in Heaven, and a drink in Kingdom Come
In the meantime

I’m cleaning my gun

8 responses to “>A Crisis of Legitimacy

  1. >Reminds me of my favorite quote"America's at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.".- Claire Wolfe

  2. >Great post & great song, I'm down with both

  3. >I'm pretty cautious when I do take the time to look at a musician's video. Didn't know who Knopfler was, the song sounded like Dire Straits. Turns out is was. So, what to think of this? Many musicians' values are at odds with mine. Bethoven, Bach, and Mozart were likely useful idiots to their monarchist masters. Most arts have been supported by means which are at odds with libertarian principles. When it comes down to nut-cutting time, I prefer pipes and drums. That music makes me angry. Good pipes, a tot of rum, etc., the music will drive a man to do good things. With pipes, we don't need to try and figure out if an aging British rock star has finally got the proper message. PF

  4. >Thank You, Guyshttp://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=12908

  5. >According to Gerard Chaliland, there are two prerequisites for a nation to be ripe for revolution. One, the government must be weakened due to a loss of faith of the people because of corruption and scandals, and two, there must exist a credible threat to the safety and liberty of the people. Check, and check. Soon, it will be checkmate.

  6. >Had a minute long debate with a neighbor:NEIGHBORWelp, guess you're going to have to get health insurance now!MENo.NEIGHBORYou have to! The government says so.MENo I'm not.NEIGHBORThey'll make you!METhey're not making me do anything.NEIGHBORThey'll send the police after you!METhen they'll send the police after me. And I'll still say no.NEIGHBORThen you'll go to jail!MENo, I'm not doing that either.Course I didn't tell the slave that not only would I not submit to jail or their slave grid, I also omitted that I would basically consider the war on.It's go time, as someone I used to work with liked to say too much.Find a place where you can rent without using your true ID it'll buy you time and prevent a 3:00AM insurance coverage check. Have extra guns and ammo in separate caches for newbies waking up-SKS with tapco 20 rd mags and mosin-nagants work well enough. Have your ways out and most important HAVE ALLIES who've prepared likewise. We're in it now.J. Croft

  7. >Stand Firm,The Line Has Been Drawn.www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5y2cpHx_kw