>The Unorganized Militia Once Again Is Needed

>Please read this piece from the Volokh Conspiracy.

Not that I expect the Obamites to acknowledge the legitimacy of non-state action, but it is notable to see that point being made in a mainstream legal blog.

Interesting times, both now and ahead.

One response to “>The Unorganized Militia Once Again Is Needed

  1. >"If someone were to come and announce that the enemy had just entered our cities, stolen away our wives and children, and desecrated our churches, who would not immediately rush to take up arms? Well, all these evils and others still worse have fallen on the family of America, which is also ours. It was dispersed by the sword of Liberals; Marxists destroyed the House of the People and circumvented our Constitutional laws. What else must take place for us to begin the repair of so many evils and avenge so many outrages? Will we let these Communists contemplate in comfort of peace the destruction and looting they have done in the House of the American People?! To arms! Let a holy ire animate us to combat. Think of how their triumph would be the cause of inconsolable sorrow for all centuries and an eternal shame for the generation that permitted it. Cursed be he who does not bloody his sword!" The above was adapted (by me) from an excerpt from a speech of St. Bernard to the knights assembled in Burgundy, France on December 1, 1145, regarding the Second Crusade. It was a near perfect recommendation regarding our own current situation in our America.