>Two dark pieces worth your read:

John Williams on What’s Next

An Introspective Look at the Future of America

Comment: John Williams, who runs ShadowStats.com, has the data to back up his claims. The author of the second piece goes a little speculative in places, but nails the essence here:

…Due to the post collapse monetary and fiscal policies, the people have now been saddled up with an unpayable level of debt. The cause of the near total collapse of the financial system was too much debt and the “solution” has been even more debt piled on to the original debt. During the year, the Dallas FED estimated the financial obligations of the US government at 99 trillion dollars. The head of the TARP program estimated the bailout cost at 24 trillion dollars. Totaled together the US has in the neighborhood of 120 trillion dollars of current and future obligations on an annual revenue of around 2 trillion dollars which is falling due to high unemployment, higher state and local taxes and fees and lower wages. Cutting that down to size, imagine earning 200,000 a year and having a debt of 12 million dollars. In short, the US dollar has become a token of an unpayable debt and thus the anchor of the entire global financial system is a ponzi fraud. It becomes impossible to compute the value of anything as measured in a fraudulent currency that represents an unpayable debt… (WRSA editor: emphasis added)

Are you and your tribe ready for 2010?

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  1. >Well, aren't you just a bundle of joy and optimism today?Oh, and thank you for the hard and under-appreciated work of tracking all this info for us. I do sincerely appreciate it.The Wretched Dog

  2. >I hope everyone is also reading Denningers' Market Ticker. Between our Congress, the FED, Fannie and Fredddie, the Corporate Banks and AIG they make the Mafia look like amatures.There is a reason why the criminal Banksters are planning OPSEC and buying handguns. When the general population finally realizes what has happened, they're gonna need 'um.