>The Emperor’s New Speech Impediment

>A must-read article from Vanderleun via New Paltz Journal features this sample graf:

…I look for the inner circle of Obami to rely more and more on the “Who are you going to believe, Obama or your lying eyes and ears?” offense. I look for that inner circle of Obami to shrink more and more until we start to sense it’s time for them to repair to the bunker and start gesturing with nostalgia at maps of the 2008 political landscape.

That’s when they really start to get dangerous…

By the way, they won’t be lashing out at the DailyKos and HuffPo kids, either.

Tempus fugit.

2 responses to “>The Emperor’s New Speech Impediment

  1. >I have NEVER been able to understand why people kept saying what a great orator this clown is. Rarely does he speak with any passion or confidence, unless he is talking about what a degenerate country we are, or he's promising his Acorn and SEIU buddies that it's time for some Whitey pay-back.The only time I've ever seen him look comfortable speaking in public was when he's addressing radical rabble-rousing Marxists.His entire life has been a fraud, and it seems even some on the left are starting to realize it. The reason that almost all his remarks are scripted is that he really has nothing of substance to say.

  2. >Original comment from Black Flag 14:I have been warning my friends for a while now that the weaker this enemy gets, the more dangerous they become, because of desperation. They have come too far and gained too much to see it lost now. [balance edited for discretion]