>Secession and Football Fundamentals

>Read this essay by author Russell D. Longcore as a more principled response to this evening’s propaganda lesson by The Mighty Kenyan:

Secession and Football Fundamentals

We are only two weeks away from the Super Bowl. After watching the Minnesota Vikings make mistake after mistake in Sunday’s Championship game, and give away the game to the New Orleans Saints*, I think back to my high school football experiences.

After an embarrassing loss like the Vikings had, our coach would have told us, “Boys, we’re going back to the basics and re-learn the fundamentals of football.”

The fundamentals of football are:

• blocking and tackling
• holding the football tightly and not fumbling the ball
• keep doing your job until the whistle blows
• score more points than the other team
• work as a team, not as individuals
• winning gets you more girls than losing

What could this lesson possibly have to do with state secession, you may ask?

The Secession War of 1776 pitted the English colonies against motherland England and King George. The Declaration of Independence declared the colonies as sovereign nations…as sovereign as England herself.

Soon after the colonial victory, the states ratified the Constitution, which instituted a very strict few duties for the new Federal Government that the states created, and retained all other power to the states and to the People.

Those are the fundamentals of the game.

Over time, the Federal team began doing things for which it had no power or authority. The People’s team began fumbling the ball…and the Federal team always recovered the fumble. The People’s team gave up yardage (sovereignty) on every series of downs. And the referees…the courts…kept throwing flags against the People’s team and hitting them with the penalties.

The game has ceased to be fun to play. The refs have left the field to the Fed team, and now the Feds play however they want. The Fed team makes up its own rules, and the game doesn’t even resemble the fundamentals. And insult above all insults, the Fed team tells the People that they have to keep playing and cannot leave the field.

The whole concept of state secession is to return to the fundamentals. No state would ever consider seceding unless the Federal Government that it helped to create was doing things it ought not do. The fundamentals require that the Federal Government operate within its Constitutional restrictions.

Nullification will not be able to be effective, since there is no American state with a Militia in place to enforce any nullification challenged by the Feds.

Then, you must factor in the reality that the US Constitution has no authority to bind any two persons in any way, and that no legal status exists between the People and the Federal Government. Read Lysander Spooner’s “No Treason.”

So, it is time for the People’s team to walk off the field and stop playing this no-win game. But to do so, seceding states had better revitalize their Militias first.

By the way…free men get more chicks than slaves. Lighten up, Francis!

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

*Even though I was rooting for the old guy, Brett Favre (a Mississippi boy), the Saints are a Southern team, and the South is where my heart is. Geaux Saints!

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

5 responses to “>Secession and Football Fundamentals

  1. >Re-establishing the militia of several states sounds like a great idea!!. This is being pursued by the Committees of Safety. The plan is to reconstruct"The Power of the Purse and The Power of the Sword". Any one familiar with this group? Any thoughts??

  2. >A British aristocrat once said that if you give people a choice between freedom and sandwiches, they'll pick sandwiches. I cannot believe that you can talk secesssion and sports in the same breath. The Super Bowl, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, March Madness,etc. are the reasons we will never have anything resembling secession. This is a bread and circuses culture. There is a certain amount of whining discontent and chest-thumping by Second Amendment wonks. But, when push comes to shove, most Americans will roll over and piss themselves like craven curs, licking their masters' hands. The small minority who stand up will be swept aside. The ones who are not shot outright will disappear into "re-education camps". America has become one gigantic Mardi Gras. Deal with it.

  3. >Couldn't have been said better.

  4. >Anon at 0237:Have you heard the phrase "entry piece"?Anon at 0209:How is a state-sponsored militia to be formed except at the loss of authority of both the Federal and existing state powers-that-be?

  5. >Anon 2:37. So sure are you. You, deal with it. Chest thumping, whining? Whatever you say. Want a cigarette?