>Quote of the Month

>Jerry Pournelle, on the Mighty Kenyan’s SOTU harangue:

Until last night many speculated that Obama would do more or less the same thing [as Clinton did in 1994]. Clinton recognized the unpopularity of his massive government expansion proposal (Hillarycare), understood that the Democratic win was the result of Bush I’s repudiation of his “Read my lips, no new taxes!” promise, and moved to govern from the center. Obama didn’t follow that path.

Instead he has chosen to double down: you’ll get health care reform, cap and trade, climate change regulations, immigration reform, and government expansion whether you like it or not. We know what’s best for you.

The speech itself was far more partisan than the State of the Union speech traditionally is. It amounted to a declaration of intent.

He has made next Fall’s election an ideological plebiscite pure and simple. If the Democrats hold on to real power after next November, the United States will experience a fundamental change, with trust in central planning and government control of most aspects of the economy and our lives. The people done Obama dirty; we have repudiated the Savior; and we will be made to pay. We will get the changes he wants to give us whether we like it or not. He ran center-left. He has governed hard left. He now promises to change: to go even further left.

Prepare for the fight of our lives. Obama and the ravening wolves have enormous public funds to spend, and will make deals and promises as needed. Those who live off tax and spend will be told to fall in line and support the new United States, and stop asking questions and getting in the way. The alliance between the tax eaters and the ravening wolves will be strengthened.

The nature of the United States and the American Experiment is pretty well being put to the test in next Fall’s election.

We are promised Change. You can believe in that.

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