>The Latest From Raven’s Wood Enterprises

> The III Patch passes into history.

This just in from Raven’s Wood Enterprises:


If you would please post this on your blogs, I’d really appreciate it.

Raven’s Wood Enterprises would like to thank all those who purchased the “III” (Threeper) ‘Fortune Favors the Bold’ patch.

The time has come, due lack of demand, to no longer carry the “Fortune Favors the Bold” patch. Most everyone seems to have what they want, or have decided they like the Nyberg III Flag patch better.

So, all “Threeper” patch orders received to date (1/31/10) have been processed and sent. Any other orders received for the Threeper patch will be returned.

Nyberg III Flag patches will contine to be offered for the foreseeable future.

Thanks again!

Raven’s Wood Enterprises, LLC

The Nyberg “III” Flag Woodland patch is still available from Raven’s Wood Enterprises, LLC, $3 each post paid. The patches measure approximately 1.9 X 3 inches and are of the same quality that the “Threeper” patches were.

USPS Money Orders, Cashier’s & Certified Checks and cash (though any orders in cash are at the sender’s sole risk) get immediate processing and shipment. Personal & business check orders are held 10 days until the check clears.

Send all orders to:

Raven’s Wood Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 962
Birmingham, MI 48012

2 responses to “>The Latest From Raven’s Wood Enterprises

  1. >Oh, poop. Never got around to it and now they're gone.S'pose I'd better get a Nyberg flag while I can.

  2. >Multicam colors or Three Color Desert colors would be preferred over Woodland colors.