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>Poster Moabmic at the Life After The Oil Crash forum has an epiphany about many of his fellow Americans:


Those three letters are enough to put a healthy dose of doom-enriched fear into any well prepped doomer right? It took me a while just to learn what those letters meant; when I did finally look them up in the acronym appendix of the doomer’s bible I was silent.


What kind of fantasy freak group was I associating myself with?

I just disliked the term because I couldn’t get over the strange thoughts being conjured up in my head of a pack of deranged bikers on dirt bikes, old Harley’s, quads, you name it with bleeding flesh and hollowed eyes all coming to attack us after a collapse. We would be all snug and happy in our doomsteads and BOLs but these MZBs would seek us out to destroy us. So yeah, I just couldn’t deal with the term and didn’t care for it much because it was too abstract and unrealistic.

As time went on and my doomerish view of the world became more and more into focus I kept revisiting the MZB concept. What if the zombie in them didn’t refer to some ghoulish character but rather someone who had lost everything and gained the 100 yard stare? Someone who has lost all sense of purpose but still feels the need to move forward? What if the mutant part referred to the transformation some unprepared over-suburbanized schmuck goes through as they realize everything they had worked for, all their competing with the Jones’, all their mass consuming waste was all for naught and now had nowhere to go, nothing to live off of, and no knowledge of how to begin to survive? What if the biker part didn’t represent the biker gangs of today but rather the same misguided victim of suburbia taking their hobby bike with the last bit of gas and hitting the road in search of food for their overweight, weak, and defenseless family to never return? What if a MZB is simply a former misguided suburbia rat who is now discovering what it means to live and is angry at himself, angry at the world, and especially angry at those who are living a more comfortable post-collapse existence because they were prepared?

As we move closer to the point where a total societal breakdown occurs one way or another it will become very apparent who is prepared and who isn’t. My head has been filled with fantasies that when the day comes when anarchy dominates over civilized life that those who weren’t prepared would be begging for help, doing anything they could to survive, but for the most part not resorting to violence. I stand corrected.

A casual dinner visit with some close friends was my point of awakening to how ugly everything will be. We were having beers and discussing how we keep getting warning article after warning article but nothing ever happens. Something commonly discussed here. We are tired of the warnings; we are tired of prepping for something that will never come; we are starting to not believe that there will be a collapse. At this point the brother of my friends comes in. He had been a former employee of mine during a construction project five years ago. During that there had been a conflict whereas he thought he was owed more for his efforts than we had paid him (bonus pay). Over the years it had seemed this rift had healed. He joined the conversation and then boldly stated, “if there is a day like you guys describe then I’ll just hit the road and take whatever the f*** I want. I’ll finally get to get back all that the rich f***s like you have taken from me! F*** you rich bastards! You guys have only gotten ahead because of the sweat from people like me! The day you describe when payback will finally be here!”

We just sat there stunned! I had never considered myself rich. I had started my business with maxing out one credit card, buying used salvage equip and rehabbing it, and sold off all my furniture to buy opening inventory. I worked over 80 hours a week for the first several years while working another full time job. For all of the risk, hard work, and sacrifice for 10 years we make a nice comfortable living; my friends I was visiting had worked equally hard towards becoming a professor. All this time my friends brother was partying, in and out of jail, playing, playing, playing but now as he has nothing and we are comfortable there is an incredible anger and rage within him! Behold the birth of a MZB!

I don’t know why but that moment brought together a flood of memories over the past few years of isolated events that I put no thought into. Working in the garden while a pickup truck of loud and obviously drunk guys driving by along the irrigation ditch road, as I looked up they flipped us off yelling obscenities; being threatened by employees that were being fired; being flipped off and cussed at by the low rider crowd (Bienvendos a Nuevo Mexico). All of a sudden what I thought were isolated incidents of angry individuals not to be taken seriously transformed into everything I thought that MZBs could never be.

The day is coming when the collapse does occur and that day will represent freedom by all those who have not prepared and those who have not been fortunate to make it. That day will represent the day that they can begin exchanging their anger for all the pieces we prepared ones have carefully put away safe and sound. There will be no begging for help by those angry hordes; we will be the ones begging for mercy as we give up all we worked so hard for and thoughtfully put away. These people who you see now at the bar at 5, those people you see wasting their few dollars on the bread and circus shows like Nascar races, football games, strip clubs, malls; those people that have invested more money into their vehicles than their vehicles are worth with stereos, chromed rims, oversized exhausts, etc.; it is these people that are the ones who we will be fearing. They have been undergoing a professional training in instant gratification and the day of collapse will be the moment when the supermall of mass instant gratification opens its doors: That supermall will be the homes of the prepared.

Are you ready for that day? I know I’m not. I have plenty of supplies, firearms and ammo, water, fuel, you name it but I am not ready to defend it from masses of the angry hordes staking claims on all we have worked for. The day I saw the rage in my friends face I realized I wasn’t ready. I had considered needing to defend myself from some abstract threat as foreign and vague as the term MutantZombieBiker; I hadn’t considered needing to defend myself from what I bet is 85% of the mass population.

What happens when collapse comes and total anarchy let’s go and you are one out of 10 families who is prepared and able to be comfortable. My 6+months of food, water, fuel, ammo will be taken by force and I will only be hoping that my family isn’t brutalized. Take a piece of paper; make a grid of 3 dots by 3 dots. The dot in the center is you; the dots surrounding you are your unprepared neighbors who have always waved hello but who now realize you have what they need and are pissed off that you unfairly sacrificed your wages and effort to be prepared while they partied and played. You will not hold these people off at bay whether you are surrounded by 10 acres or are smack in the middle of suburbia. The only way you stand a chance is to begin converting those surrounding dots into equally prepared families who will stand strong with you. The problem is that each one of those families will have friends or families who will ultimately not have any preps and will come to claim their share and consequently part of your stores.

In the past year I have moved from NM to a smaller CO town. I was on the verge of making a decision on buying a property. One is 40 acres right on the edge of town but with a running water source and good farmable land. The other is 5 acres and a nice house with greenhouses shops, a creek, and several outbuildings where a doomer could survive so easily but is right in town. The third is 40 acres on the backside of a mountain overlooking town and has no running water, is completely undeveloped, 4wd access, and surrounded by eight other 40 acre parcels. One realization I had, is that those unprepared masses , are inherently lazy; they are unprepared because they refused to put in the extra effort to become prepared. It is the ant vs. grasshopper fable in the classic sense except the grasshopper will be armed and will outnumber the ant 1:10. By being on either of the first two locations I will be easily accessible by all but the absolute laziest ones. The running water on those two properties will also attract people. I have decided on the remote 40 acres (:30 4wd drive but only a :15 mt bike ride from town).

It will be a lot harder to make an ideal doomstead but there won’t be any running water for people to follow, it will take a lot of physical effort, my preps will be hidden and the surrounding 40 acres properties are owned by similar doomer folks. Let the MZBs come because the advantage will be belonged to me. It is impractical to live there full time with kids in school and businesses to run but as part of the plan we will live in a plain, old small, non-fancy, house in town; I realize that by living in a home equal to what I can afford I make myself and family a target. By living in the smallest home we can fit in and having zero preps visible we can let our friends and family wonder why we live so insanely modest. On weekends and days when we have time we stay at the retreat home which will be 100% off grid and will contain everything needed to be self sufficient for a minimum of 6 months.

There is an unfathomable amount of anger and bitterness in all of our communities. Other terms thrown out that evening in the conversation were that people who were prepped are “elitists”, “better than others”, “you can only prep if you are a rich f***”, “we [bro & his buddies] can’t wait to show who will be the new boss in town”, “a new sheriff will be in town”; you all get the drift.

The Mutant Zombie Bikers are alive and well and I know I have grossly underestimated their threat.

Have you?

Read the comments, as well, while considering the nature and character of the majority of folks in your AO.

To quote Baugh:

“Get your head on straight — these people are not misguided sheep.”

Do you understand yet?

19 responses to “>More on Monkeys and MZBs

  1. >MZB = a manifestation of the politics of envy, which have been inculcated through the clap-trap of politicians, union organizers, the left in general, marxists, illegal aliens, academia and on and on and on.It is not just enough to prepared with food and guns and ammo. We need to have a clear understanding of proper economics. Not Keynesian or Marxist dialects but true economics as put forward by the Austrian school…..and you better hope to God that you have taught your children well.

  2. >And so it goes. Already knew and prepared as much as I can for this. The MZBs' may get mad and mean, but I believe I'm just a bit meaner. The Big Change comes, it's wild in the streets, everyone for themselves. I and mine sit tight, we're quiet, and cooling out. On come the MZBs. I and mine kill them. Or maybe we're overwhelmed. Whatever. I'll take that chance. Thing is, we're prepared, and we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, and not waste worry on it before.

  3. >Highly scary. Frankly, this scares me more than the prospects of .gov predations during martial law. .gov may collapse and be unable to project into your AO. But the zombie hordes that used to be your neighbors ARE ALREADY THERE. Yikes! It's like 28 Days Later. But instead of a virus, just imagine 28 days later … after the store shelves are picked clean. Hunger is a big time crazy pill. You'd better stock up on cheap bulk foods to give out to your dumb-ass neighbors.

  4. >another fine resource.thank you sir.

  5. >The writer is correct – the MZBs are our family, friends and neighbors (well, some of them). They are already infected with the baccillus – which is their ingrained desire to have something for nothing, to live for the instant gratification of today at the expense of tomorrow.Such is the lesson of history – most wars have their origin in economics. One tribe or nation has little or nothing in the way of wealth or resources, and is unwilling to actually spend a generation or two to create what a neighboring tribe or nation HAS labored to create, so they decide to simply take it. What the writer laments is one aspect of human nature. Well, we can't do much about it…except to band together with others of like mind. Such banding together is what created civilization itself, many millenia ago. A bad enough collapse will severely wound or destroy the civilization that we know, and if humanity is to go on then there must be people ready to pick up the pieces and create anew what our ancestors created way back when.As to his particular situation, having such an isolated property gives the writer a big advantage – he can measure out the range from his hideaway (or from a hidden bunker or trench) of key points, and sight in his guns at those ranges. Being surrounded by nothing gives one an excellent opportunity to do that without anyone finding out. He should also determine if sinking a well is an option. If so, he should build a structure around it that is well-camoflaged as to both the vision and hearing of others.

  6. >I was unable to find a email to send you this link so I'll post it here.. No guns allowed, declares city, it's a 'snow emergency'http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=125245

  7. >I agree about the evolution of MZB's. They are all around us, just waiting to emerge from their cocoons. When the excrement hits the rotary oscillator a change of mindset needs to happen immediately if one wants to survive. I believe that the MZB's will come out of the woodwork when it happens, and quick action physically and mentally will be vital to stay ahead of their wave of madness and destruction.

  8. >Thanks for the well written article. Your words are more-true then we know. I guess my recent purchase of a "Zombie Hunter" patch was most appropriate.http://milspecmonkey.com/store/products/details/344/7/patches/zombie-hunter?keyword=zombieGood-luck to us ALL!

  9. >I'm not terribly worried.These thugs may be angry, but they're also cowards.The nitwit that put thousands of dollars into a 1982 Caprice w/dubs and a massive bass sound system isn't likely to have practiced much with that shiny nickeled Lorcin with tarnished, 10-year-old FMJ ammo in the magazine, or for that matter the Romanian SAR-1 (with two magazines and 52 rounds of ammo) he traded some drugs for.Shoot him and his friends, and the rest will give you a wide berth. And after you loot the bodies of anything remotely valuable (gold jewelry, guns, ammo, etc), be sure to drain the gas tank of that bullet pocked Caprice before you set it afire. Be sure to check the trunk, too.To quote the Colonel from Avatar: "You must cultivate a positive mental attitude!"

  10. >Were I you, I think my first act on that horrible day would be to eliminate this known threat.In my area there are few I would worry about.The unfortunate reality is that you need at least 12 people to post an effective 24×7 watch. There are electronic devices which could give you plenty of early-warning, but they'd also produce false alarms, and would be cost-prohibitive for most of us.I've had some close friends and family tell me "I'll just come to YOUR house!"I've had to tell them the harsh truth, and ask them not to make me shoot them.If I take in one brother and his kids, my rations will be cut in half – which means I've halved the time before I'll be forced to watch MY kids starve.Not going to happen – especially since while I've been pinching pennies trying to prep, he's taken cruises, built additions on his already-huge house, bought expensive entertainment/stereo/50" plasma/etc.Nope.I'll hate it, but I *WILL* turn them away and shoot them if they force me to.God help us…

  11. >If you think the MZBs in "suburbia" are bad, imagine what the denizens of the "inner-city" are going to be like.Katrina was just a side-show. If TSHTF for real there will BE no rescue coming – no food or water, no nothing.Sure – they'll be occupied for a few days looting shoes and TV-sets, but once the initial orgy of theft is over and they've destroyed their own neighborhoods, what do you think they'll do?As soon as they've drank up all the looted beer and liquor, once they figure out nobody's showing up with free food and water, where do you think they'll go?I live ~2 hours away from several big cities and I really don't think it's nearly far enough. I can only hope that my hidden location, strong noise and light-discipline, and superior firepower will protect us.

  12. >I think of this all the time,of the 10 houses on my area of the woods 1 neighbor & my son are self sufficient,We WILL secure the perimeter& booby trap.any sign of trouble & the lead will be flying.We do haven plenty of preps,guns & ammo & could always use another bike(LOL).We will take as many as we can with us if it has to be so be it!!!

  13. >I agree it won't be long before the MZB's will start, many of whom will be people you know. Fedgov will not be able to feed the sheep, not if we're faced with a nation-wide Katrina type event.Rice and dried beans are cheap. So far salt and sugar are too. I've made sure that we have enough extra of these to pacify needy neighbors for a time. Should they not be satisfied with those, I also have plenty of 7.62×39 for a different type of pacification. Their choice.

  14. >great post. emphasizes the need to know your neighbor before TSHTF, and determine who will be friend and who will be foe. btw, here's a link to "Lights Out" – the book released on the internet which is the origin of the term "mutant-zombie bikers". it's a good read.http://www.survivalmonkey.com/SF%20books/LightsOut!/LightsOut-Current.pdf

  15. >Anon at 1:56 AM brings up Katrina. An excellent point. No foresight or sense to steal the school buses and bus themselves to safety (or for the city to actually use the plan that called for picking up residents in those buses and taking them to higher ground), but plenty of energy left over to loot the WalMart of plasma TVs. Once they figured out that you can't eat or drink a TV, these same folks began walking across the bridge to Gretna. Remember that? The Gretna police stood at the foot of the bridge and fired warning shots. The simple message, "Hell no, you aren't coming in here! We can't feed/clothe/shelter you all as well." (hint to editor; Maybe a good topic for a future article…)There was outrage among the collective, but the unarmed (thanks to the N.O. PoPo) had to turn around and stay in their own cesspool. I too dread this coming day. EricIII

  16. >Excellent post! It really gives me a lot to think about. I thought I actually was prepared until I read this.Thanks!

  17. >You're rich. Face it.Class warfare is best practiced by the rich who do all they can to demonize those on 'welfare' while paying off politicians to reap our tax dollars and laugh their way to the bank.That guy's attitude is only going to proliferate at the recession's 'recovery' brings money back to the rich but no jobs to the millions who lost them.

  18. >Well then, welcome to the reality I have seen and lived with for only about the last 20 years. Think Mad Max without all the assless leather pants and such, and far, far more cruelty and suffering. I am glad that for whatever combination of reasons I possess the ability to spot MZB's, the judgment to know how to differentiate them from APB's, (Average Poor Bastards), and the fortitude to shoot first and not bother with questions.