>Vanderboegh: A Call to All Patriots of the Founders’ Republic – "Proceed ever more boldly"

>From Sipsey Street:

“Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito,” or, in English, “Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.” — The Aeneid, Book VI by Publius Vergilius Maro (October 15, 70 BC – September 21, 19 BC, also known by the Anglicised form of his name, Virgil); it is also the motto of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama.

So, today a guy who according to news reports was so self-absorbed that he set his own house on fire while his wife and child were inside, so that a neighbor had to rescue them; a guy who despised the Catholic Church as much as he despised the Infernal Revenue Service — that guy apparently stole a light plane and dove it like a meteor into the first-floor offices of the IRS in Austin, Texas, no doubt shouting “BANZAI!” as he emulated the Japanese pilots of World War II.

Casualties on the ground are, at this writing, unclear, although they appear to be light. What is clear is what is happening in the media and to a certain degree within the heads of the people who are on our side, the Founders’ side, in our struggle to restore the Republic to something like its original purpose.

“Another Oklahoma City!” trumpets one collectivist blogger. “This is sure to discredit the Tea Baggers!” writes another. Within the Tea Party movement itself, people who were already moving toward the GOP as “our only hope” started skittering in the direction of the RINOs even faster, not wanting to be seen as one of the alleged “ten percent” who the New York Times called paranoid right-wing extremists the other day. This meme will only grow louder after today. (For example, Bill O’Reilly, who has been hosting that lying castrato Mark Potok of the Southern Preposterous Lie Center lately, is proceeding to haul the collectivists’ water for them today by having Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers on to answer the bullshit charge of militia apostasy.)

But this I know: now is not the time to seek accommodation with the Party of the Dead Elephant. People who say that “We NEED them — we can’t do anything else but join them, this is a two-party nation” are stating the true order of things precisely upside down — it is the GOP who needs US, not the other way around.

“What will you say,” someone just asked me, “when you are asked about what happened in Austin today?” — as if that was the most pressing issue we have to deal with.

I told her and I will tell you:

I have no sympathy for a man so selfish he takes his own life while at the same time endangering his family with a fiery death. I have no sympathy for a man whose worldview posits all evil in the institution of the Catholic Church, though while certainly flawed still does much good in the world. I have no sympathy for a man who dives an airplane into a building where there might be innocents present. Had I been on the ground at the airport before he took off with perfect knowledge of his plans, I would have shot him in defense of those innocents, if nothing else. No Fort Sumters, I think I have been plain in speaking, and I meant it.

But having said that, I will tell you this — as long as the Leviathan federal government continues to act in an oppressive and unconstitutional fashion, airplanes will be flown into federal buildings, government agents will be shot in the street and tyranny-addled, desperate people will do desperate things. Were I a federal employee, I would take such incidents to be an increasing sign of the times and pay heed to the warning. I would get out before somebody flew a plane into my office.

I will not apologize for this moke, for he is not one of mine, and I am done patiently explaining the difference between him and me.

I am also done explaining to our own side why they shouldn’t take counsel of their fears, why they should look around, consider, and understand how truly powerful they are. I am done wasting my breath because if the people of the United States do not understand yet how divided and deadly dangerous this country has become at the hands of the Gramscian revolutionary collectivists and their Dead Elephant Party apologists, they will never get it. Not now, not later — at least, not in time to do anything about it but mutter “oh, shit” and die as the Leviathan grinds them into the dust of history.

I say now is the time to heed Virgil’s words, “do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.” Will the activists of the Tea Party be conned into trading their birthright for a mess of Dead Elephant pottage? Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn. Although I have tried my level best to avoid a civil war, I do not think we will get out of this sustained attack by the Gramscian revolutionists without killing. Somewhere, sometime, at some unexpected flash point, they will kill some of us and then we will begin killing some of them in righteous self defense, and the ball will open.

“One hundred heads.”

But having done my level best, I will not feel personally guilty for it, in the unlikely event that I last beyond the first day. And I refuse now to be apologetic for incidents such as today’s, or, worry about how to persuade the Tea Party-ers otherwise when they seem intent on selling out their own cause.

Be bold, I say. Continue with your preparations. Continue with your training. Steel your minds and steel your hearts. You have nothing to apologize for.

To quote my good friend Pete, “We’re screwed. There’s gonna to be a fight. Let’s win.”

5 responses to “>Vanderboegh: A Call to All Patriots of the Founders’ Republic – "Proceed ever more boldly"

  1. >No to VdB and no to Beck. Vox Day and Karl Denninger are much more on-target. Stack is a man I understand completely. He is a human being with the flaws and limits that entails and he followed a path where each individual step made sense by itself, and he was absolutely right in his comment that acts like his are the most direct route to triggering the reaction that will turn things around. Trying to kill his wife and kid isn't something he should have done but there are limits to human sanity and this governmental system is trying its best to push them. Government agents fearing the people is no bad thing.I will remember Joe Stack with respect and sorrow, as I remember George Sodini, and Carl Drega. Innocents die in war. The war must be fought, and must be won.

  2. >Very well said, Mike. There should be no sympathy for such a person. He did not show himself to be a man of honor. Selfish acts such as his do no good for anyone.

  3. >If a gang has a gun to your head and is stealing your money, do you really care if the guy that runs them over with his car is a nut job?LarryIII

  4. >Stack was a nutbar-the act was one of insanity, benefitting only the enemy.All must keep their sanity at times like this and stay loose and flexible (no PLAN survives the firs shot) and ever vigilant.

  5. >"People who say that "We NEED them — we can't do anything else but join them, this is a two-party nation" are stating the true order of things precisely upside down — it is the GOP who needs US, not the other way around."No reason not to pick up and make use of the remnants, for example the name.