>Doesn’t Fit the Narrative

>As I was reading Mike’s debunking of the media psyops campaign concerning the Austin attack, the thought struck me:

I wonder how much of this guy’s anti-IRS rant has a basis in law?

Apparently I wasn’t the only one wondering about that topic, as Instapundit notes:

TAXPROF: The Austin Pilot Had a Valid Tax Beef About § 1706.

Plus, Tim Cavanaugh notes that Joseph Stack is becoming a lefty folk hero:

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project hits the perfect storm of journalistic clichés by detecting a “perfect storm” of anti-government militias and “so-called Patriot groups.” Daily Kos claims (without evidence) links and ties to the tea party movement.

But a strange counterforce has been developing, visible in the comment boards on lefty websites and Facebook. The left’s creepy efforts to turn Stack into a club with which to hit advocates of lower taxes and smaller government keep getting met with responses, from other lefties, along these lines: “I read his manifesto, and you know, a lot of his points make sense.”



Think that point of view will make it onto the torrent of juvenile dreck carried 24/7 on the cable nets?

Me neither.

Here’s some cold, hard truth:

1) The only thing holding the dollar back from complete collapse is a general belief by global markets that the Mighty Kenyan and his minions will be able to hold American taxpayers down and shear them even closer than has been done to date.

2) As Drudge noted today and Denninger captured below, Barry and his crowd already have the clippers in hand:

(click to enlarge)

Key graf from Denninger:

…”Health Reform” was never about actually providing health care to anyone. It has been and is about trying to find a way to obtain more tax revenue to offset the huge budget deficits that President Obama is running and intents to try to continue to run, and he appears to be well-aware that there is no possibility that the market will accept the sort of Treasury Debt sales necessary to do so in the free market.

See, I told you so (again.)

3) The Bamster and his advisers have made a calculated decision that by “doubling down” on taxes and nationalized medicine, the most that their political opponents can do is mount a series of impotent protests, followed by acceptable casualties in the 2010 midterms and a pathetic attempted resurrection of the deservedly-dead in 2012.

4) All of you who, in Tom Baugh‘s words, “dropped your packs” at the election of Scott Brown: you might consider picking them up again.

5) And the terrible thing is, at current course and speed, the Powers-That-Be are calling things correctly.

Do you really expect the Dead Elephant Party to do anything useful?

Didn’t the shriveled old skin-pouch from Utah speak for Team Dead Elephant when he told Utah Tea Party activists last week that they must “[w]ork with the GOP or see conservatives lose more ground”?

Is there any reason whatsoever for government workers at the local, state, and Federal levels not to keep doing their jobs — however trivial or heinous — just the way they have been doing them for the past two decades?

6) In short, as long as things remain the same — taxpayers being fleeced, the elites consolidating control over all aspects of American life while stealing everything that isn’t tied down, and government at all levels losing more and more legitimacy each day — then you can bet that the millions of government workers will continue building the walls of the New American Police State.

I wonder if The Other Janet and her intellectually-challenged trolls at DHS, along with the smarter kids at the FBI and DoJ, would consider a call for ongoing nationwide tax disobedience an act of “domestic extremism” worthy of greater attention?

Especially since American taxpayers’ willingness to consent to repeated indignities by their masters is the only thing that keeps the whole global Ponzi scheme from crumbling?

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

4 responses to “>Doesn’t Fit the Narrative

  1. >A lot of us in Utah have been working to retire both of our Senators for a while now.

  2. >Starve the beast. Cut down your taxable income as much as possible. Ideally you should have a paid-off place or rent, work for cash or accepted frn substitutes or barter under the table-preferrably as an underground economy entrepenur.Where you live must not be the "residence" you list on all your government and corporate registration documents. Form and expand your survival groups. This isn't just learning how to shoot and fight but a microeconomy where you support each other and/or you and othe survival circles support each other. For political cover, a takeover of a local town vulnerable to a recall election like the GI's of Athens TN did in 1946 will be needed-until the current representative government is suspended and superseded by a direct federal dictatorship. Use this time while we still have representative government to gain as much political ground in the vulnerable rural communities as possible. I write about this here:http://freedomguide.wordpress.com/2009/02/09/its-time/http://freedomguide.wordpress.com/2009/02/11/recall-election-obstacles-to-overcome/Yes there probably will be shooting but what will kill the beast and break its grip on America… OUR America… will be massive noncompliance with taxes, fees, debts owed to the government and their bankster massas. We starve them of our labor and obedience we can kill the beast.

  3. >Morning,Well, well no suprise the rapacious whores in D.C. won't remotely consider cutting thier diets.I hope more candidates arise across the country like the lady we have running for governor here in Texas.Regards,WL Moses