>Beck: The Whole Damned Country Is A "Place Like This"

>From Billy Beck:

“Well, about 33% disagreed with the founders at the time of the Revolution, so we haven’t fallen all that far.”

(Glenn Reynolds)

Oh, yeah? Well, go read that and then see this.

The tag:

“If people don’t even have the guts to raise their hands in a room full of as like-minded a bunch as you’re going to find, how on earth do they expect their politicians to do anything?

I suspect California’s not the only place like this.”

At this point of this disaster, there will be no voting our way out of it. The prevailing epistemology doesn’t permit it: there simply are not enough people out there who know how to think. The dominant ethics of the culture won’t have it: everybody wants to live at the expense of everyone else, and freedom is not a value in this country, anymore.

I say that you can count California as quite fairly representative of the United States at large, and you can take it from there.

Got monkeys?

One response to “>Beck: The Whole Damned Country Is A "Place Like This"

  1. >With a very few exceptions, California does represent the US. And that guy's experience is representative of what one would find virtually anywhere. "PC" has sealed the lips of most people, who are now afraid to challenge the status quo. Just the way the PTB wanted it….