>Codrea Explains Chaos Theory


Predicated upon this videoed statement by impeached former Federal Judge and now Congresscritter Alcee Hastings, who is also the sponsor of this pending Federal legislation.

Think they understand what they’ve done?

Think they will eventually?

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

6 responses to “>Codrea Explains Chaos Theory

  1. >Oh Yeah! I remember old Alcee Hastings appointed to the federal bench by Jimmy Carter and indicted for soliciting bribes! A real fucking paragon of virtue……and now the S.O.B is "making it up as they go along."We just can't seem to get rid of these miserable bastards…or maybe we can. BUY ROPE. BUY LOTS OF IT.BULLETS ARE TOO GOOD FOR THE LIKES OF THESE TRAITORS!

  2. >It sounds like an epitaph for liberty, for a Republic, for the rule of law, for radicals, for representatives…just saying.

  3. >They know exactly what they've done. They have their retirement made, they've exempted themselves from the health-care package, and will be able to brag to their constituents that they didn't vote for the bill.And, the 3rd and forth generation Uncle Sugar teat suckers will glory in their new found entitlements. That is, until the money runs out or until all of the tax payers realize that the government can't jail all of us and the teat goes dry.[W-III]

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  5. >vaguely related:http://roissy.wordpress.com/2010/03/21/exporting-democracy-importing-socialism/His "reframe" advice is correct. We are not living in the Republic. There is nothing to restore. Too many voters are complicit in this, either by comission or omission, and more will allow themselves to be as the project progresses. It's time to systematically exploit, sabotage and tear down what DOES exist, so as to build something better in the ruins.

  6. >most bowel movements are flushed away.in some areas of the country however, they are elected to office.