>Quote From The Greatest Generation

>Overheard at a gun show this weekend:

This country was founded with violence, it has been maintained and preserved with violence, and it will be restored with violence. Anyone who tells you differently is full of sh*t.

— An anonymous veteran of the Pacific campaigns

4 responses to “>Quote From The Greatest Generation

  1. >My father (rest in peace)was a decorated WW2 veteran. When I was young he said "War is a terrible thing but living under the brutal boot of tyranny is worse."I doubt he could envision that he and others of his generation sacrificed so much to fight the Fascists of Europe only to have his progeny live under Fascism here at home.

  2. >God I LOVE that! No shit! I am so sick of namby-pamby sunshine patriots around me claiming that violence is never the answer. They make me want to puke!! IF SAM ADAMS, PATRICK HENRY & GEORGE WASHINGTON HAD FELT THIS WAY AMERICA WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN FOUNDED!!!!!!!!

  3. >AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. >Alzheimer's Disease is God's way of protecting the WWII veterans from having to experience the tyrannical federal government we are dealing with today. If my dad knew what was going on right now, it would kill him. And not even the Japanese at Iwo Jima or Guadalcanal could do that.