>Beck: Rules of Engagement

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The honorable thing for the Republican Party to do, literally or figuratively, is to commit seppuku.

Their seed, in the form of NCLB, Part D prescription benefits, DHS, TSA, TARP, and all of the other atrocities committed during the Bush ’43 years and before, is the sire to Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, and the rest of the perpetrators of their coup d’etat.

Good riddance to the Dead Elephant party. The fate of collaborators throughout history awaits them.

UPDATE 0010 EDT 23 MARCH 2010: Vandam amens. Read it.

3 responses to “>Beck: Rules of Engagement

  1. >Beck's desire for nation of free individuals pursuing their rational self-interest, sounds like a place I'd like to be. It's going to be hard to pull off in a nation where most people worship at the altar of minimal effort.

  2. >They don't worship minimal effort – what they worship is minimal effort FOR THEMSELVES, accompanied by a share in the booty stolen from those who invest MAXIMAL effort.We've arrived at a place where the horror of civil war is justified because the alternative is the utter, final end of not only our system of government but our entire way of life.50% of WORKING people pay no income taxes at all, and MOST of THEM receive a sizeable transfer of wealth (EIC – up to $5700 this year, Child tax credit, and other "refundable credits."With this in mind, over 60% of voters have zero liability and most of them actually benefit by theft from the shrinking productive class.It is time for We The People to restore our Constitution BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.The Window War is a proper and justifiable prelude to what must follow.It's long past time for a righteous war for Restoration.God help us…PatPS: WV="outivect" – OutEvict

  3. >Both Beck and Vandam always impress me with their talents to cut right to thechase. Since they don't allow comments on either site, let me say here:Thanks, guys! WV: pimme, progressive gimme!