>What Are We Fighting For?

>Please go to Restore The Constitution and read the latest there.

Hope to see you on the Potomac on April 19th — armed or unarmed.

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  1. >When those of you that are taking part in this last attempt to restore the US government to lawfulness, be sure to go equipped to survive there.For the unarmed, take a rucksack with adequate water, at least 1 gallon per 24 hours, minimum 48 hours supply.Take a chemical protective mask (aka gas mask) and at least some rain gear such as a motorcyclists suit, that will aid in keeping the "crowd control chemicals" off your skin. Tear gas burns like the devil if it gets on you, worse if it's mixed with concentrated pepper spray.Do not take any children below the age of 10 years, better yet is none below the age of 14. If the US government decides to attack you, it will not hesitate to kill your children.Those of you going to the armed rally need much more robust self defense gear in addition to the above. You'll need at least a Level III-A armor vest and then a Fighting Load Carrier for your magazines like this one. I strongly recommend you have a combat rated helmet, gloves, boots, and some kind of utility uniform including knee and elbow pads, such as this.Do not go as if you're going to a office picnic, those days are gone now.

  2. >I hear your brother. I would like you folks to check ou my blog. WRSA gave me the inspiration to start my blog in the first place. http://www.zkguild.comThanks and keep up the good work.Andrew

  3. >You people are a bunch of wackos. The only reason you can get away with all kinds of this crazy sh_t is because you live in one of the few countries on the planet that affords you the constitutional protections that make this possible and yet you want to tear it down. So just exactly what constitutional rights do you feel you're being denied? So you go to Virginia, create a brouhaha so the police have to drag out the tear gas and then you say "Aha! Look at the government trying to suppress us!" About the only lawlessness I see shaping up has nothing to do with congress passing a much-needed health care reform bill but with a bunch of racist cry-babies who aren't man enough to accept the results of an election as defined by the very constitution you want to destroy so you want to engage in a violent action to reinstate the very politicians who nearly brought the planet to a financial melt-down. You people have the same intellects of the animals that flew airplanes into the twin towers yet you have the audacity to wrap yourselves with the American flag which millions have fought for (my father included) and claim you are doing this for the country. You don't have sense enough to feel the shame that normal people would for the kind of childish behavior you exhibit. Well if any of you bozos show up on my doorstep like you've been doing to our hard-working determined congress-folks and threaten violence, guess what? You'll be looking down the muzzle of my Dad's WWII 30-06. I'd promise to blow your brains out but you can't lose what you never had. I'll open a fresh can of cartridges just for you folks because it just so happens that I love my country and I'm a hell of a lot more worried about what murderers like Tim McVeigh and child molesters like David Koresh would do to destroy America than I would ever worry about Obama or Reed or Pelosi. At least they have the guts to stand up and try to make a positive difference rather than slink around like a snake and bomb innocent women and children or try to burn down the house of someone's wife and kids. I'm insulted that you people have the impudence to pretend you're in the same category as people who REALLY fought for America. What's wrong with you people? Grow up for once in your pathetic little lives.

  4. >30-06:Your father, rest his soul, fought against national socialists, be they Japanese, Italian, or German.What do you think would anger him more:1) That his country is now in the hands of the same ilk of national socialists?2) Or that his son is a true national socialist believer?I'll bet he'd flog you within an inch of your life.And deservedly so.

  5. >Off topic. How can I get the WRSA to put a link to my blog? I can't find anything to contact the people in charge. I tried westernshooter@live.com and it was returned. Any help would be grateful.

  6. >WWII 30-06, no one orgainzing the restore rally said anything about threatening you, so no need for the "my dad's 30-06" online bravado. No one's coming to your house anyway. If you'd like to bring your dad's WWII rifle to the Restore rally and discuss this face to face, you are more than welcome to do so. Let's keep the discussion civil here; no need for threats or keyboard-commando online chest thumping.-Daniel AlmondRestore the Constitution rally founder and Iraq War veteran email:restoretheconstitution@alarmandmuster.com

  7. >CA, TY for your reply to "30-06".If his dad were still alive, he would probably be livid that his son had strayed so far from his beliefs.Anyway, Mapquest says I am about 2000miles from DC. I can do more good from here with prayers and words of support. Finances come into play here. Although it would be fun to show up with a coupla MBR's and even dress my big ol' Shepherd in a rig to carry a Bushy on one side and a WASR on the other. Hmmm. Can dogs legally carry, and are they even allowed to be there? 😀

  8. >Pat,The lessons of the Bonus Marchers was not lost on you. Thanks, man.