>Montana’s Gift to the Nation

>As noted by Ed Rasimus, US Senator Max Baucus (Communist – Montana) explains why Bolshevism is good for us all.

The Montanans reelected to this traitor to the Senate in 2008 by a margin of 72.9% over his opponent.

The last, best place?

5 responses to “>Montana’s Gift to the Nation

  1. >He's a Communist Sonfoabitch. He got re-elected because there was no one running a decent campaign against him, and therefor, no one to vote FOR. Baucus will resign his office long before his term is completed.

  2. >one of the problems with Montana is that in recent years it has been populated by Californians and Washingtonians and most of those folks want what they left behind; high taxes, lots of government services, etc.the next problem in this equation is that Comrade Bachus is among the wealthy he so admonishes. Government employees (especially those in the most elite club in the world: the U.S. Senate) are overpaid elitist pigs. They continue to spew this Marxist dialect to the sheep. Note that he and his ilk are exempt from the new Health care mandates as well as social security.

  3. >What an interesting dichotomy; On the one hand, Montana passed the Firearms Freedom Act and are challenging the Feds directly. On the other, they have this guy as a Senator. Some consistency sure is needed in their representation.EricIII

  4. >(From a 3rd party commenter)The blogger has no idea what happened here. Baucus was elected, even by republicans, because he had a pro-gun history. The Republican was a no gun RINO, who was so bad that he was farther left than Obama. We could not afford to vote for a No Gun Senator. Tester is just as bad.

  5. >How's that realpolitik working out for you?