>Lesson Relearned

>Lesson learned from this weekend’s practical gunning:

Rate of decline in physical fitness increases dramatically with age.

Best to get traininghard — like your life will depend on it in perhaps as short as a few weeks.

I know I will be.

Tempus fugit.

3 responses to “>Lesson Relearned

  1. >"Rate of decline in physical fitness increases dramatically with age."well no kidding! At 51 yrs old, I am feeling it. With a heart condition, hard exercise is not an option. Besides, a friend(US Army sgt), said something once about running hard and fast, and all that will get you is "dead tired".Can't outrun a bullet you know.

  2. >I am training…..hard.BobIII

  3. >Ask your physician what benefit might be had from moderate long-distance exercise, and what the limits are. If your heart is weak, at least you can have strong muscles and good lungs. Age brings patience and determination, which can be lacking in the slack young. Get thyself a squad of 11-18 year old Boy Scouts and have them carry most of your load. Share your wisdom and it will be a good deal all around. Even mules only carry one-third of their weight. Aim for a 25% max. load on human backs and a 15 mile mixed terrain daily walk. 100% pack weight moved on foot is a recipe for long-term disability (soon!), even on super-human 20 year olds. Cheers.