>Shenandoah: If You Can Leave The United States, I Would Suggest You GET OUT NOW

>Read John Galt’s short piece for orientation, then dive into its inspiration, Tyler Durden’s latest:

It’s Official – America Now Enforces Capital Controls

Per John Galt:

…The precursor to most major shifts within western civilization have always been the restrictions placed on the flow of capital. Without going off into woo-woo land on you, all I can say is that this is a warning shot that something major is about to occur which further restricts the freedoms of the citizens of this once great nation. When I did my radio show, I warned that this one event, a key moment or marker in any nation’s history, was something to be taken deadly seriously. In my opinion it means that a currency realignment or change or outright revocation of rights taken for granted was certain with a 90 day, maybe if we’re lucky, 180 day window…

Do you understand yet?

You soon will.

16 responses to “>Shenandoah: If You Can Leave The United States, I Would Suggest You GET OUT NOW

  1. >Am I missing something or does this just mean Rich folks can't have overseas accounts that they don't pay taxes on? Because personally I wish I had that meager 50 grand in the bank.ChinaIII

  2. >Don't fall for the 'rich vs. poor' Marxist paradigm.What this means is that the fedgov says you cannot transfer your property w/o significant forfeiture.If that doesn't offend you (and the Fifth Amendment) deeply, think again.

  3. >Part of the globalist strategy for the takeover of the USA is to "encourage" people with money and influence (who could promote organizing in their local communities) to LEAVE the country. This is part of the old strategy of Divide and Conquer. I would encourage patriotic Americans to stay, organize, and get involved. Running away when your country needs you is NOT the answer. I'm tired of being the lone voice in the crowd because people have given up before they ever really started.Please don't make the first time you get off the couch to be the act of heading for the Exit door.

  4. >The fedgov must have reason to fear for the solvency of the banks. So they are hindering money from leaving the country as a means of keeping the fractional reserve lending scheme from imploding. I suspect a large tax increase is in the works and those who would have parked large sums of money overseas have just had the opportunity to do so made much more costly.Not to be an alarmist but there may soon be no convenient way for "people of means" to withdraw bank deposits and convert them to tangible assets. Make your own plans accordingly.MALTHUS

  5. >No real capital to hide and no desire or place to run to. So I guess I'm just gonna continue to get my Sh*t into tight little piles and hope for the best.

  6. >C.A.,I understand.If we were not taxed so heavily rich folks wouldn't need to hide it in offshore accounts.But we all get upset about things that affect us and this doesn't affect me much,other than once again big brother assaults the Constitution.Friends until they have all our money,and there is no Constitution they won't stop.ChinaIII

  7. >And Fleeing is not the answer.There is no America anywhere else in the world.People we need to Stop them by any means possible, voting or fighting if no other way.Once its gone theres no getting it back.ChinaIII

  8. >The notion of leaving my once great nation is quite prevalent in my thinking of late. I am sick of watching this death by a thousand cuts.Now before you all jump on me for being a quitter allow me to explain a few things that have pushed me to this line of thinking.To wit: All of my life, I have endeavored to speak my truth about freedom under a properly functioning republic. Sadly, I am left with damn few friends because of it. Most Americans that I have engaged on the subject look at me like I have 2 heads! "Oh, that can't happen here" (denial), "you can't fight city hall" (submission), "yeah taxes are high but not as bad as other countries (relativism).Throughout my adult life I have written letters to congressthings, senate scum and state "representatives" there is a common theme in all of their responses. It is one of condescension and outright misrepresentation of facts. Letters about high taxes, NAFTA, GATT, congressional pay raises, the so called Patriot act always met with lies and condescension.In the mid-1990's I dove head first into a study of constitutional law and I.R.S. code. After many months of diligent research I was convinced that there is no law that requires and individual citizen to file or pay a so called "FEDERAL INCOME TAX". I then drafted a lawful affidavit and had it witnessed and notarized, mailed it certified, receipt requested to 28 individuals in their respective capacities in government, including the local, regional and federal offices of the Internal Revenue Service. I respectfully demanded that they respond with finding of fact and evidence at law if they had any that would negate my claim or contradict my findings. Guess what? NO ONE RESPONDED. NOTHING. NOT A SINGLE RECIPIENT REPLIED. This taught me 2 things: #1– I knocked on the door of the republic and discovered no one was home (the republic is dead) and #2– representative government doesn't!!!I was raised in a middle class family. My father supported us through hard work in his own business. When He and Mother were ready to retire they realized that the home they now owned free and clear of any mortgage was so heavily burdened with property taxes they could not afford to stay. The property taxes at that time had far exceeded any mortgage payment they had ever had to make. So they move to the next state over and built another house paid for free and clear of any mortgage and lived there for 23 years only to realize again that there property taxes were no longer affordable. So they down- sized to a smaller home in a more rural part of the state. Dad has passed on now and Mother lives on her meager social security and savings with some assistance from me. It is also to a point here now that her property taxes may consume everything in the end.So I set out to investigate the possibility of expatriating to a small country in S.E. Asia. It is not my first choice but I will tell you that even though the people for the most part are financially less well off they are truly happy. I can buy a small home there for about $20,000 (U.S.) and live among a sweet and lovely people.I have no intention of "running away" but I may just turn my back on America in utter disgust. I once loved this country but have come to be sickened by the willful ignorance of her people. A people so blessed with abundance who have squandered it for material comforts. I was beaten beaten-up by goons in police uniforms acting under color of law. When I took them to court over the matter I was awarded a sum of money but the perpetrators have kept their jobs and badges. I feel threatened here because I believe in the RTKBA and principals set forth by our Constitution. I ask my self why would I want to stay and face possible death and loss of everything for a nation of sheep who too willingly seem ready to serve as slaves to and ever growing and ever more brutal despotic regime.Can someone answer that question before I walk away forever?

  9. >Don't fall for the politics of envy, as Concerned American said. That is what the marxist scum depend on. Try being for freedom instead.

  10. >Leave? For where?Mexico? A nearly failed narco-police state. Even Mexicans that have jobs want to leave and come here.Canada? Excuse me, no free speech (insult Islam pay a fine) and not much of a right to bear arms either.New Zealand, Australia? Well, not much right to arms there eiter. The are just a couple of steps behind the UK.Europe. Forget it, they'll be Muslim dominated within 25 years. Jews are fleeing France and other countries. The UK is a police state. South America? No tradition of democracy.That leaves the US as the last, best, and ONLY hope for the world.Better stay here and try to save it, for if we go there won't be ANYPLACE on earth that you will want to be.

  11. >I'm hardly a redneck, but a little Bocephus, "Country Boy Can Survive" rings true right here. Agree with the gardenserf. Where is my home if not here? If I don't stand up for what is my homeland, who will? EricIII

  12. >I disagree. Let all the cowards leave the country.

  13. >Yeah. Let the brave and consistent Constitutionalists, all 10,000 of them, fight off the hordes of idiots and State leeches. You can't change stupid. There's nothing brave about standing in the path of a tidal wave of stupid policies and tyranny finally crashing down upon the entire country. There's nothing valorous about being crushed by it. You want to change the country? Write. Get the ideas of liberty across, from individual to individual. See the article "So You Want a Revolution" from Lew Rockwell's site yesterday.

  14. >I am an *American*, goddammit.I'm not going anywhere.


  16. >How about all the money that flows to Mexico every week?? Is there a $$ threshold that triggers action?My local BofA has big wall hangers advertising their ability to facilitate money transfers to Mexico…