>Cathouses & Casinos

>One nice thing about being born in northern Nevada — you get raised with all sorts of bawdy tales about gambling and other types of sporting houses.

At least I did.

Two rules my father (a transplanted New Yorker) taught me as a wee lad:

1) The House (in either type of entertainment parlor) always wins,


2) Neither establishment wants you to leave their premises with a single dollar in your pocket.

Whether by the free booze and disorienting absence of windows and clocks in a casino, or by the proffer of “some more fun” at the riding academy, unwary patrons of both enterprises are systematically depleted of their simoleons, as WC Fields might have said.


In reading Mike’s excellent “Do It To Julia!” post this weekend, I realized that both the political party elites and their wannabe-best-buds in the commentariat are pulling the same old cathouse and casino hustle:

“You must disavow violence under any political circumstances. It’s not the American Way.”

In other words, stay in the ballot-bawdyhouse until you are of zero remaining use to us.

Don’t think.

Don’t educate yourself.

Don’t draw your own conclusion as to the continued utility of the first three boxes.

Well, no.

In addition to being completely opposed to the historical record, this command from “sober voices” is utterly without merit as to even the upcoming 2010 election.

How many real Constitutionalists are running in 2010?

By my count, two — Ron Paul for re-election to his Congressional seat in Texas, and his son, Dr. Rand Paul, who is running for Senator in Kentucky.

Am I missing anyone? I’d really like to know.

And please don’t start with the Dead Elephant Party. They are in large part responsible for us being aboard this doomed ship today, and there is virtually nothing that could convince me that any national Republican figure is up to the task of restoring the Constitution.

So for me — I’m taking what remains of my paycheck and leaving the sporting palace.

It’s a rigged game, and there will be a LOT of broken hearts in early 2011.

The only way to win in either place is to leave with your wallet intact.

6 responses to “>Cathouses & Casinos

  1. >Thank you for all your efforts, never a day goes by without perusing your blog. Take a look at Chuck DeVore to unseat Barbara Boxer. I grilled Chuck several times on every issue to include secession, tenth amendment, ninth amendment and of coures the most important second amendment and he is the real deal…Good day all and keep your powder dryThe Allegory

  2. >I agree with your assessment sir. I am saddened to see the bright eyed, bushy tailed believers who think changing the guard will be change. This will be the same crappola, different day. Keep your powder dry is good advice.

  3. >An excellent and true analogy. EricIII

  4. >While there may not be enough, there are a few more.In NC District 4 is BJ Lawson:http://www.lawsonforcongress.com/Endorsed by Ron Paul for his 2008 effort, where he handed out copies of the US Constitution during the campaign and at the polls. Running against long time incumbent professorial socialist David Price, whose wife is/was the figurehead of the NC affiliate of Handgun Control/Brady Bunch. Bad folks when it comes to Liberty. Bad.This time around, Lawson might just be able to do it.That all said, I'm not counting on the ballot box – I plan to be ready with all four boxes should the need exist.Keep your powder dry,Atlas Shrug

  5. >start to de-fund the bastards!!!NOT ANOTHER DIME.

  6. >Let me echo that first guy, "Thank you for all your efforts, never a day goes by without perusing your blog." Been coming here for around a year and learned quite a bit. To the point of this post, the commentariat are all saying, "violence never solved anything". That's almost 100% wrong. If talking solved things, the Gaza Strip and West Bank would be the most peaceful places on earth. They have peace talks every week, it seems. The number of times talking has solved things is a tiny fraction of those settled by proper use of force. You can wish it wasn't so, but wishing ain't gonna make it so. Violence is more likely to solve things than talking. It is the mindset of that side to ignore facts that disagree with their beliefs and just keep stating their point of view. If they just feel good about it, it must be true.