>5 by 5

>All safe.

All happy (on our side, that is).

All went above expectations.

Windburned, sunburned, exhausted.


Safe travels to all participants.

More asap.

In the interim, go to Google and search “guns potomac”.

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  1. >COOL GLAD It Went WELL

  2. >So, can someone who was actually there comment on the numbers of participants that were actually at the armed rally? I would like to get a sense of numbers from someone other than the "journalists" that have so far commented on the rally.

  3. >numbers are accurate as crowd counts goca

  4. >How many people showed up? One AP article said "dozens". A British article didn't say how many, but painted the whole gathering as a militia meeting.

  5. >Anon,It was a small group, I think maybe around 50 by the time things got underway at Gravelly Point. As I've pointed out elsewhere, this isn't a disappointing turnout for a controversial event on a weekday immediately opposite a better-advertised, sponsored, and perceived "safer" function a few miles away. Open carry is still a hot-button topic even among liberty advocates, and doing so in a place where there was the possibility of appearing on CNN next to a provocateur in an SS uniform, or the (remote) chance of arrest or death at the hands of law enforcement was a lot to ask of people at this early stage where the stakes aren't that high. The cream of the crop turned out, however, and I am proud to have met them. We'll be doing this again, and often. Hats off to Dan Almond and his team.

  6. >Now that 50 people got away with exercising their 2nd in public we can up our expectations-go for a hundred. This could actually work in norming armed carry among Americans conned and brainwashed in their slavery. Just have to avoid looking and sounding like Hu-tards.

  7. >Its interesting that every article I've looked at (so far) mentions that this was specifically to reassert 2nd Amendment rights. And almost universally the articles veered off on a tangent about how the current white house has made no moves to further "gun control."I think most here would instead interpret this as an armed populace peacefully requesting that our OTHER rights no longer be infringed. I fear that lack of understanding will only cause more problems down stream.Thanks for turning out for the event(s). Being halfway across the country, refusing to subject myself to air travel and working full time to support a family kept me closer to home. I would suppose this is true for many who would have otherwise been there.Free American

  8. >Jontx so much, both for coming down from MA and for the excellent photos/doof-bustingu rock

  9. >Please forgive my cynicism.I consider myself to be a member of the 3% (an individual who will not surrender his RTKBA)but fail to see how this event could in anyway help to restore the Constitution.I did not attend for a variety of reasons; financial, other obligations and a sense that it was a waste of time. Had I felt it would have helped to effect a change in our nation's downward spiral into the muck I would/could have made arrangements to be there.How did this event help to restore the Constitution? How did it help to raise awareness of the issues that confront freedom loving people?Who now is willing to support the OATHKEEPERS after they bailed out for whatever reason?…not eating my hat.KPN3%

  10. >Anonymous #4,273 said:"How did this event help to restore the Constitution?"ANSWER:By initiating a crack in the dam of Statism. This crack will grow, spread, and foster other cracks that grow on their own. No legion of little Dutch boys will be able to stop it, no matter how many of them their masters send out. It is over.Keep your powder dry,Atlas ShrugIII

  11. >@Anonymous,In point of fact, there isn't a single likely, workable action any of us can take to make significant, measurable progress toward restoring the Republic to its Constitutional roots. The damage done is too great, too many of our fellows have become dependent on the federal teat, or just plain too complacent to want to upset the applecart. Even if we had the numbers and the will to just take over and impose our program by force (we don't, on either count), I would point out that a republic imposed at gunpoint is not a desirable outcome.What we can do, and are doing, is map out the path we have to follow to achieve the goal, and follow it, baby step by baby step. Part of that path is political. We must elect lovers of liberty at all levels of government. Part of the path is social. We must persuade our neighbors that their interests are best served by being truly free, not serfs, no matter how well cared-for. Finally, part of the path is the stick to back up the carrots of the political and social steps. We have to arrest the slide toward tyranny, or at least slow it down. We do this by speaking the language of tyrants, force. We remind them that free people cannot be enslaved, they must be persuaded, or killed, and that killing them isn't going to be easy, or necessarily successful. Armed Americans are free people, even if not all are fully aware of the fact, and we are everywhere.Back to baby steps. Monday's rally was a baby step. We showed that the concept works. Now we build on that. We do it again, but bigger. We do it in every state, in view of every state house, everywhere the law allows, and empty-holster where it doesn't. We meet each other. We develop networks, partnerships, friendships. We march, and campaign, and make noise. We frighten the tax-feeders and embolden the patriots. We raise such a howl that tyranny flees the field, chased by our votes, our numbers, and the sight of our rifles.And if we're very lucky, it will happen without a shot being fired or a drop of blood spilled. That's my dream, anyway.I'm sorry you weren't there for that tiny first step, Anonymous. It's not too late. Come out next time, and bring friends. We have a long path ahead of us, and we need you.

  12. >hey jon thanks for posting them pics . I had a good time on the potomac . And the fact that law abiding citizens can peacefully assemble just goes to show that there is hope for this great country yet..