>Codrea: A Message To Neal Boortz On The 4/19 RTC Rally

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  1. >Its funny how you guys turn on those on the right who don't agree with your gun rallies. Lighten up people, eating your own is a Liberal condition, not one that is embraced by the right. So what – Neal doesn't like the rally. Get over it and move on. I can open carry where I live, but I don't. Why? Because its a bad idea and in my opinion, doesn't help our interests. Neal has his opinion, I have mine, and you have yours. We don't have to agree on everything to be on the same side.

  2. >Anon:Check your premises.It's not that there's a disagreement on the event.It's more fundamental.Boortz doesn't seem to understand that there is NO action that non-leftists could take that would sate their lust for power and control.The days of searching for "middle ground" on fundamental issues are over.

  3. >There is NO ONE more disdainful to those with whom he disagrees than Neal Boortz. And while I agree that turning on one another doesn't help the overall cause of Liberty, I'm agree Concerned American that some issues are so fundamental that no compromise or disagreement can or should be tolerated.I made this point elsewhere, but it bears repeating here: There were two seperate 2A rallys in DC on 4/19. One had 75-100 armed people, and one had 2500 – 3000 UNarmed people. Which of those two gatherings has received all the attention?

  4. >Ok, lets assume your premis. That in play, why feel them (left media) raw meat on a silver platter? Dumb. Just plain dumb.

  5. >Anon:You don't understand. You win by doing what you need to do and the enemy be damned.Re-regularizing armed political gatherings (both longarms and sidearms) is a key part of vehement human rights assertion, which will cause the Bad People to be Bad.The Walter Mitty polite crap has been tried and failed.Time to get uppity, en route to Freedom.By any means necessary.Pander to the Left all you want.The rest of us will be Americans instead.