>How Do You Think We Feel?

>From Red State; take the time.

Then try this piece from American Digest for temporary relief.

3 responses to “>How Do You Think We Feel?

  1. >The "temporary relief" was of little help!Democrat, Republican….it does not matter. They are all criminals at this point.

  2. >That's any form of State. Constitutional Republic, Fascism, Democracy, Monarchy. It's accomplishing things by taking money from non-violent people at the barrel of a gun. Call it whatever you want. It's the State, and it's aggressively violent. Violence is only moral for direct defense of oneself or other innocents. That is a universal. Politicians and voters do not have their own alternate moral universe.

  3. >There is the possibility that the Red State chart is indicating Obama is due for a big bounce….-broodrack