>Shenandoah: Murder In The First Degree

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  1. >I think the comments section of this post show the level of confusion we face. We are a fractured nation. We are a confused and frightened people. Who knows the truth?Who is willing to stand for it?All empires rise and fall. Don't follow leaders. Listen to that small voice within.

  2. >Anonymous, I agree. Lady Liberty isn't dead. She's just going to take a nap for awhile. She'll wake up when all the bloodthirstiness, fear and power-worship have run their course. It's getting dark in the world. It'll be ugly for a few years, because some people tenaciously hold to the idea that they have some right to force other people to do what they tell them, at gunpoint. I don't have that right, and you don't have that right. And if we don't have that right, we cannot give that right to anyone else. That is what voting is. Giving the power of violent coercion (which no individual has the right to) to third parties. Pure and simple. Liberty is not a government. The State is the eternal enemy of liberty. Liberty is not identified with any particular country. She simply shows up more when a big group of people carry it in their hearts. So remember Liberty as she sleeps. More importantly, remember God. Because when all thoughts of Liberty are squelched by violent men, God will always be there. God made mankind in His image and likeness. We are, by our very nature, intended to be free. Human nature demands that we be free. Being free starts with living one's own life in a just and charitable way. Violent and unjust men can curtail Liberty, but they can never take freedom from you, even if you are in prison.

  3. >Brass,It is refreshing to see someone who understands what true liberty is…..it lives in the hearts of men…it cannot be killed.I am saddened for what America could have been but ultimately the people are to blame for allowing it to happen this way. Our opulence bred complacency and we now must reap what we have sown.I am also saddened for what my children will witness in their lifetime. Though, I am secure in the thought I did my best to teach them truth and justice.