>Denninger: Chicago Calls For Martial Law

Read it all.

And understand — as this country’s economic death spiral accelerates, more and more places will be begging for Feds in the streets.

As “peacekeepers” only, of course.

Tempus fugit.

8 responses to “>Denninger: Chicago Calls For Martial Law

  1. >The PTB will continue to allow this to happen to concentrate their control over us. The sheeple in these decaying metropolitan areas will welcome Barry's troops as liberators, while they sip their lattes al fresco and talk about how terrible it was that so-and-so got dropped from DANCING WITH THE STARS. Then, when the time is right, the false flag will happen at a mall or stadium and the nation-wide gun ban will start. For our own good, of course.

  2. >Hey! Wait a minute! Something's wrong with this. Gun violence in Chi-Town? Can't be! Guns are not allowed in Chicago – most strict gun laws in the world. Mayor Daley hisself does not permit anyone ,excepting the police and his personal bodyguards, of course, from owning, having, carrying or even thinking about a gun. Nope! This article is wrong. No guns in Chicago…no-siree Bob!

  3. >Chicagostan, Detroit, and states like California and New York must be allowed to fail. And that goes for the nation too, "whether we want that or not" (to quote BHO, peace be unto him).Or we can keep diverting my money into their corruption, and making the hole deeper.

  4. >From the BoBonauts' point of view, this is a logical way to begin. Use the military to clamp down on the gangs. This will include, of course, door-to-door searches for "illegal" weapons all of which establishes a precedent for using the military in domestic law enforcement and aiding gun confiscation.It'll be interesting to see how the Oath Keepers react to orders to seal off parts of a city, go through and confiscate all the guns they can find and herd any suspected gang members into detention camps.

  5. >*#$@ ChicagoThere is very little there worth saving. Bulldoze it like they are doing to Detroit.People everywhere else better take note of the example, because it is coming to a metrosexualolitan area near them next.

  6. >but it couldn't happen …HERE!!?? ….Right!?To quote the concerned american with a little impatience, "Do you still not understand yet?"

  7. >Probaby just a coincidence it was Chicago.

  8. >Looks like they're securing the cities first. Once the larger metropolitan areas are locked down… from all the crime they've encouraged the past couple generations of course… they'll fan out.Establish urban contacts now. Figure out how to get from point a to point b, etc.