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Tam explains:

Oh, hell no.

Six years after the state Supreme Court dismissed his $433 million lawsuit against the gun industry, Mayor Daley today called for a change of venue — to the World Court normally reserved for disputes between nations and crimes against humanity.

Dick Daley is a venal, corrupt, lying sonofabitch, from a long line of venal, corrupt, lying sonsabitches. What he knows about ethics could be written on the head of a pin, in Sharpie. And this lowdown moral cripple, this wart on the body politic, smarting from one courtroom loss and pissing his britches over the possibility of another stinging defeat, this time in the highest court of the land, wants to run crying to the World Court, a body with all the majesty and legal authority of a mail-order divinity degree from Draw Tippy Turtle U., with his tale of woe.

Get bent, Dick. Go get good and bent.

Molon frickin’ Labe, you scrofulous little toad.

David then gives his view here and here.

Keep an eye on this story, folks.

Nothing happens in Chicago politics — especially during the reign of the Mighty Kenyan — by accident.

8 responses to “>More Of The Chicago Way

  1. >So, what-they'll use the United Nations to enforce this?!Isn't this the DREAM SCENARIO the Patriot Movement's had for the past generation?!They must really want to lose. Any UN backed gun seizure campaign will end… probably with an invasion of Belgium I'd imagine. I wouldn't settle for anything less.

  2. >Is Daley trying to push the national Democrat party onto the third rail they've so studiously avoided since '04?

  3. >I simply blame those Chicagoans who re-elected Daley and those Chicagoans who ignored the voting process completely.The citizens of Chicago had the opportunity, many times, to get rid of the Daleys….they didn't.Who are the morons ?DAN III

  4. >So even if the World court grants a judgement, what says that the companies involved have any legal obligation to pay? And are UN troops and/or Interpol gonna come here and try to enforce the ruling?Please, pretty please, with sugar on top. Hey DICK; careful what you wish for.RichardIII

  5. >What if we gave Belgium and France back to the Germans? Maybe just said, yeah, we won't stop you this time?YeOldFurt

  6. >This is bogus political posturing. No mayor has standing to take any matter to the ICJ.It is just posturing by this political hack. It sounds good to leftos who don't know anything about law or guns but it is meaningless.

  7. >I say let 'em sue. Let 'em win. And THEN let the World Court dictate that the UN enforce the judgement by sending in the Peruvian navy or whatever to actually deploy on US soil.PUUUUHLLLLEEEEEEEEZZZE!!!!Heh heh!

  8. >I blame all those dead Chicagoans who voted for this scum