>The Fort Knox Contretemps: “Army Preps for Tea Party ‘Terrorists’”

Go read this link, and then the rest of the story at Mike’s place.

Then contact your Congresscritters and ask them:

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

10 responses to “>The Fort Knox Contretemps: “Army Preps for Tea Party ‘Terrorists’”

  1. >Nice progun comix strip herehttp://xkcd.com/734/

  2. >…ah hello! Calling Oath Keepers?WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU ASSHOLES?and this is not some anomaly it is becoming more and more standard operating procedure to involve military in civilian law enforcement matters. and there are a lot of TEA party folks out there saying I support the military. When does that support change to righteous indignation for failure to obey your oath?

  3. >Can anyone post a link to the Docs?The linked collaborators have hidden them at the request of The Enemy.People NEED to see this – they cannot be allowed to hide it under the rug!!DD

  4. >Hey Anonymous at 12:13pm: You're obviously a liberal troll participating in "Seditious" activity. You're NOT smart enough to trick us into firing the first shot. We're waiting for the government to start the fracus! They will start and WE THE PEOPLE will finish it.Thank God Obama was elected. It has awakened the apathetic masses of Americans to the evil being perpetrated by the democrat controlled Congress and the gangster administration in D.C.Spook

  5. >The oath keeper organization mission according to stewie rhodes is to "reach, teach, and inspire"… and that's it.Now Oath Keepers, like July4Patriot, don't make up a lame slogan and a self-defeating mission statement, backed up by a pack of psyop goons. They're trying but remember if they're in the services they're under they eye of Sauron watching their every move. Hard to tell how successful the real deal OKers will be.Know the difference…

  6. >Notice how fast the brass distanced themselves from this monstrosity? It wasn't really "WHO DID THIS?", but instead, "WHO LEAKED THIS?"They were caught with their pants down, again, as they have been a lot lately. We are getting more "infiltrators" inside their secret rooms, and more and more people are being outraged. Stuff like this is a great recruiting tool for our side. We really ought to thank the Army for this "leak."

  7. >And he removed the report for "the Constitution," which does not contain any allowance for raising an army except in time of war, nor using regular army soldiers against Americans. They took it down for the "patriots in uniform" who will eventually be told to fire upon Americans, and who will obey. Ba-a-a-ah.

  8. >This is how Soros-Obimi put a wedge between the military and middle america. It's just part of destroying each and every thing that used to make america strong. They seem to be succeeding in disassembling the social and legal conventions of what used to be america.

  9. >http://appalachianindependent.infoAnother source for information. Includes sources. This is my wife's and my paper.—KP

  10. >Probably just a coincidence:http://gardenserf.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/applying-fiction-to-a-fictional-reality/Is this just another case of fictional reality imitating fiction? (Aka life imitating art?)