>’Civil Rights’ And Total War

>Read Will Grigg’s latest.

Think about what is coming.

The divisions in this country cannot be reconciled, except by force.

Leviathan knows that.

And it will act.

6 responses to “>’Civil Rights’ And Total War

  1. >If one accepts the premise that we are on the verge of civil war, then one must view the coming conflict in the eyes of an American of 2010, not 1861. The Union Army was composed of ignorant immigrants led by Lincoln devotees. You do not have that kind of slavish devotion to the federal government today. Next, there are more firearms in the hands of patriots today than ever before. Look at the shortages which occurred after the Kenyan-in-Chief was elected. Americans are smarter and more aware of the numerous sources of information to get facts about how government at all levels is screwing them. The notion of a set-up, or false-flag type operation to kick off nation-wide represion would blow up in Barry's face. Last, the feds cannot control the laws of economics. When the entitlements start to crumble and the GOLDEN HORDE decides to take what they want, there will not be enough cops, National Guard troops or you-name-it to stop the chaos in the major metro areas of this country. If you can find it, pick up a copy of Civil War II by Thomas Chittum. It paints a pretty vivid and believable scenario of what will happen.

  2. >Interesting historical perspective.

  3. >With the breadth and depth of incomprehension and outright hostility between those who would be free versus those who just want to be comfortable in their slavery(and their massas),considering who they are, it takes little imagination to see total war break out on American soil again.Have your survival circle. Have each person in your circle form a survival circle of their own. Get in contact with other circles and figure out a ground to go to as a redoubt.Even better is to establish such ground politically through a emergency recall election of a vulnerable, yet corrupt town. Reform and clean up the town, repatriate all invested CAFR funds and encourage local entrepenurialism, you'll have a social, economic and political base. Expand the peaceable SAR.

  4. >Anon @ 3:45,…"don't have that kind of slavish devotion to the fed gov today."???How do you think we got into this shit in the first place? There are millions of slaves dependent upon the fedgov and they put their man in the white house and this congress into action. Sadly, the other party is all about compromise so as not to look extreme.And yes, there are more guns in circulation now than in 1861 but possession of a firearm does not a patriot make….let alone a skilled warrior and resistance fighter.There appears to be a core group of folks who are aware of the depth of our troubles but we need to get a whole lot more to wake up. Don't sit back easy and think we can set things straight without a bloody mess first.Just my opinion but I didn't fall off the turnip truck last week.KPN3%

  5. >KPN3%: You're right. I didn't think think it completely through when I wrote the first comment. We do have a huge amount of government-funded parasites out there. The only saving factors on our side are: 1) They hang out in big cities, 2) Most don't have a clue on how to cope with a long-term disaster, and 3)Most do not know how to handle firearms effectively. Do not get me wrong. It will be a horrific situation and I do not expect to survive, in spite of my preparations, due to my age and medical problems. But, I figure if worse comes to worse, I'll have my wife prop me up by the front door with my Garand and I'll do as much damage to the GOLDEN HORDE as I can before I meet my ancestors. Take care.

  6. >This might seem off topic but it isn't. It could also be argued that the Gulf Oil Volcano is an act of total war-by those perpetrating the divisions in this country. Meanwhile, BP does a shuck and jive and bumbles the greatest enviromental catastrophe in US history into a true global crisis.read: http://freedomguide.wordpress.com/2010/05/29/the-gulf-oil-volcano-worsens-its-going-global/