>Escorted Thugs: The SEIU and the DC Police

>PowerLine has an important series on the recent police-escorted SEIU demonstration at a bank attorney’s home in the Montgomery County, MD suburbs of DC:

A Thug Too Far, Part I

A Thug Too Far, Part II

A Thug Too Far, Part III

A Thug Too Far, Part IV

A Thug Too Far, Part V

Read the stories and embedded links, please.

Listen to this oath-taker from the DC police:

Do you understand yet?

20 responses to “>Escorted Thugs: The SEIU and the DC Police

  1. >Scaring a child who is home alone is nothing less than terrorism. And where are the trespassing charge?!

  2. >"Oath Taker"??? WFT oath did this lying son of a bitch take?People wonder why they call them 'pigs'?Sp according to the bought-and-paid=for whores in uniform, if the kid in that house had come out with Dad's Beretta 12 gauge and spattered those gutless SEIU bastards and bitches across the lawn, it wouldn't have been prosecuted, because the whore-cops were not on the scene.That idiot cop who did most of the talking must believe that if a tree falls and no one hears it, it doesn't make a sound.I wonder – do you HAVE to be a f**king imbecile to rise in the cop ranks, or do they help a man grow more stupid as on the job training?

  3. >Only there for a few minutes. I call bullshit! How long does it take to get 500 people off and back on 14 buses?

  4. >mealy mouthed c^c# $uc%3rs!!

  5. >A question that I haven't seen asked yet……Where did they get the school buses? Who drove them? Who paid for the use of the bus, the driver, and the fuel? Did the DC Schools Dept of Transportation know they were used? DID they give permission? Did they know what the buses were being used for?Ok, that's 6 questions. But they deserve answers.That being said, I think this was a way to try to intimidate BOA into cutting a deal on the debt owed by SEIU. I'm a school bus driver and they're our union ( no I don't belong, Fl is a right-to-work state). Most I've seen are a bunch of slugs.I had to threaten a suit to keep them out of our breakroom and stop them from setting out SEIU literature with Bamby's logo on it. Especially after I was told I coudn't bring Republican literature in.

  6. >Post a no trespassing sign on your front porch. The way to stop this crap is for a home owner to open fire on a mob. That is the only thing these SEIA thugs and their protectors in blue (DC and Montgomery County) understand. A Saiga 12 gauge with a 12 rd magazine or a 20 round drum. round 1 and 2 are flashbangs, rounds 3 and 4 are CS gas, and the rest are OO buck. Use the first four rounds to disburse the crowd. If ANYONE (including out of jurisdiction thugs with badges) acts in the slightest threatening way, shoot to kill with the OO buck. That will stop this.

  7. >I did not see anyone questioning the use of 14 SCHOOL BUSES to transport the thugs.Who authorized the use of those buses for this purpose? Who paid for the fuel? Insurance? Drivers?

  8. >Just more disgusting shit from the boys in blue. At one time I even had respect for the police, but now that they're just the jack-booted thugs taking their orders from Herr Fuhrer, all bets are off.Won't be long now. And they wonder why they got fired on by a man and his 16-year-old son for apparently stopping them on trumped-up charges.No more Wacos. No more Katrinas. And still it continues.

  9. >Heh heh…. my dark imagination sees a lurker on the roadside awaiting the row of buses and 'non escorts'… with two RPGs.

  10. >The statement of the Montgomery MD Police Cheif is that video evidence is not admissable, ONLY the eagle eyes and testimony of an "only pne" meets the standard of "evidence".Red light cameras and security cameras and video tape do not matter.

  11. >It seems unwise to condemn this behavior. We should be besieging the homes of the political and oligarchical pigs who are raping our freedom and property. Thanks to the SEIU for demonstrating that the tactic is acceptable. Those responsible for treading on us should live in fear, that they might desist.Don't get indignant that the other side is using an effective tactic. Put it to good use.

  12. >Anon 4:49 is right. Save your outrage. These banksters, if you read the article by Nina Easton, are, by-and-large, Clintonistas and/or Obamites. These left-wing collectivist elitists have created this Frankenstein's monster. Let them twist in the wind. Let their little braiwashed liberal and liberalette rug rats be terrified. How terrifed were Randy Weaver's children at Ruby Ridge or the innocents at Waco? The shoe is on the other foot. Relax and enjoy the show. And continue to prepare and network.

  13. >Half of them would probably have had a heart attack or stroke if someone had thrown a couple of lit packets of firecrackers and cherry bombs into the mob.That would have been hilarious to see.00Buck will NOT be very effective against thugs wearing body armor!To penetrate Type IV Body Armor you need a .30 caliber bullet traveling in excess of 2900fps!You can, however, aim for the head and inner thighs (femoral artery) in the absence of the above.

  14. >I don't understand the comments wanting the JBTs to arrest people. Even people we don't agree with have the right to peacefully protest. Read the Constitution, it applies to all citizens, even those we dis-agree with.

  15. >Anon @ 4:49, good point. Although this particular situation doesn't happen often enough to suit me, it sets a dangerous precedent and increases the likelihood of an escalation. Jack, we all know what would happen if this were a 2nd Amendment Rights group creating a Flash Mob (Google it!)in front of a residence occupied by, say, Jim and Sarah Brady. The beatings administered by LEO on the protesters there would be instant and brutal. No question about it.

  16. >Here is an interesting update regarding this story!Following the money never hurts…http://tinyurl.com/26av5v3

  17. >Weren't we all calling for a protest at the Sheriff's home in Missouri to protest the dog killing JBT SWAT team? This is exactly the same, American's out protesting for what they think is right. I have no love or the unions, the JBTs or the Bank of America, but I love my freedom and while I may not agree with any of them, I defend their right to be free and to express themselves.If your agenda is to deprive other Americans of their rights, you are no better than the a$$holes who are in charge now.

  18. >Instead of busting caps on the crowd & be labeled 'a mass murdering right-wing TEA Party Sarah Palin loving gun nut who shot down innocent women/children' by the govt/media & giving both the excuse to get busy, why not use a govt approved (& a decidedly non-approved) method, to wit: Pepper spray w/ visible & UV dye marker, & include some of that truly HORRIBLE stink liquid from Johnson Smith? A few urine/feces filled Ziploc bags tossed into the mob from an upstairs window or the roof wouldn't be bad either, might even bring back some fond memories for some of the 60s yutzes who run such orgs like SEIU/similar & did that to cops back then. Goose & gander + the biter bit. Just imagine how the press would report/distort THAT! Cassandra (of Troy)

  19. >Somehow I can't help but think that if I had been that young child alone at home when a gang of radicals attacked my home, I would have probably had a complete and total nervous breakdown and started to open fire on my attackers with my grandpa's old single shot .22 and drilled at least 100 of the attackers in the head with a 22LRHP since my mental state would not allow me to get ALL OF THEM. Not some "Assault Rifle" but just grandpa's simple old single shot bolt action 22. The media would be up in arms since it didn't fit their profile (much like the DC Sniper who WAS NOT White) but this sort of crapola from the Fed Union Thugs will not stand and the bit about the Main Slime Media choosing to ignore it speaks volumes. Somehow I don't think they can get away with it a second time without the crapola really hitting the fan.