>Jennifer III On WorldGov 2.0

>Jennifer synthesizes many parts in this essay.

Read both it and the embedded links.

Still gonna live by your Glenn Beck pledge?

3 responses to “>Jennifer III On WorldGov 2.0

  1. >Let's cal it "World Gov Vista".Vista was a crappy operating system, and few bought into it. Many switched to other operating systems, rather than suffer under Vista.

  2. >Definitely something to think about. In the meantime I will continue to stockpile: Food, Ammo, Weapons and anything else that might come in handy when the Clowns in Washington finally trip & fall flat on their faces. Recommended reading: Dare to Prepare by Holly Drennan Deyo. Alas Babylon by Pat Frank. I would be paranoid & alive than either dead or a slave.

  3. >Anonymous @ May 30/4:32 AM, 3 other books that're worth a look are Survival Guns & Tappan on Survival by Mel Tappan, & The Long Loud Silence by Wilson Tucker, if you can find a copy. Tappan's first effort, though dated, is still a good foundation & his second book is a follow up containing his collected columns. Tucker's book is a grim tale about America after a combined nuke/bio attack, & when I say grim, I ain't kiddin' a bit. Alas Babylon is a picnic in the park & Mad Max is a day @ Disneyworld compared to LLS, as it broaches some situations many don't want to consider but may have to deal w/ if they intend to make it thru an interregnum such as the one more than a few expect to happen here. It also has some tactical tips that few, AFAIK, have thought of, little things that make you smack your head @ their obviousness. Cassandra (of Troy)