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>From EU Referendum:

It’s not just that they are a bunch of low-grade, two-faced sh*ts that sticks in the craw – it’s that they’re doing it with our money and then sticking us with increased tax bills to pay for it all. The time for slaughter comes ever closer.

4 responses to “>Quote Of The Week

  1. >Wow…that's bold.

  2. >Indeed. Let us make sure it is US who slaughter THEM!

  3. >Given the dearth of citizen hardware in the appropriately monikered EU, any slaughter that may occur is likely to be racial/religious more than anti-govtl & the govt isn't going to allow much retribution to take place. In addition, most Euros will to physically resist ever increasing govtl tyranny has been declining markedly for decades. They'll riot if their govt benefits are jeopardized or if a soccer match doesn't go the way one side wanted, (& sometimes even if it does) but seriously going up against the State (unless one's a Lefty) so far hasn't progressed beyond the "By God, SOMEBODY needs to do SOMETHING about all this sh**!" level. Note how Euros are letting the Muslims carve out their own near autonomous areas w/ their own laws/rules/regs & can injure/kill their own w/ near impunity & the reaction from the govt & the rest of society is effectively 'Yeah, and?' instead of 'NO FLIPPIN' WAY we're gonna allow THAT kind of sh** to go on!'. Hell, they don't even go off when it's suggested that knives be blunted &/or have their blades shortened BY LAW to prevent 'knife crime'! We too have a big chunk of that kind of person here, but they're countered by another big chunk that's sick & tired of being forced by govt to do things that are demonstrably stupid & constantly lectured to by those on the Left (& also the Right) who consider themselves to be 'bettah' than almost everyone else. And a good sized (& hopefully quickly growing) part of that chunk will back up their dissatisfaction w/ more than bad mouthing. The Dutch are getting close to going off, but they're more irked about the Islamists than what Brussels does & the English are so degraded that they won't even do a thorough housecleaning of what almost everybody knows is an ethically, fiscally, philosophically, & morally bankrupt system. They'll squawk & make a token move toward reclaiming their heritage, but that's about it. And we're right behind them. Cassandra (of Troy)

  4. >Cassandra of Troy is correct.The West in general is lacking the intestinal fortitude to slap down the rise of Islam in their collective faces and have long been beholden to the state for health-care and much more. they were also summarily dis-armed after WW2 so not much they can fight with even if they found their long lost manhood. I am speaking from the point of view of someone who has friends in Europe and has worked with many Europeans over the past 30 years.We by contrast have some tendency to resist yet we are largely ignorant of the depth of our problems, monetary policy, fiscal policy, our relationship to the rest of the world in historical perspective, and even the Founding Documents of our once great nation.A mis-informed populace, armed to the teeth but not really skilled at arms or tactics (most gun owners view them as toys)and with the attention span of a hamster s not exactly what I would call a recipe for decisive victory over a collectivist horde and their manipulators.