>Volk On Freedom


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Courtesy of Oleg Volk.

4 responses to “>Volk On Freedom

  1. >Amen! I go to that website on a regular basis to see the new posters. Great guy.

  2. >J.R.R. Tolkien: The Greatest of them all.

  3. >Am I the only one trying to figure out the caliber of that "AK"?Is it .223 or just .22?Might be good for the pictured "Warrior" to not be wearing the cheapest "safety" glasses available, too….None of it lessens my love for Oleg's work. Great man…DD

  4. >Well done. And reminds me of the words of another, whose name I do not know, who write, "The warrior does not fight because he hates what stands before him, but because he loves what remains behind. "