>Codrea and Vanderboegh Via Romanian Media

>Read it all.

Read also why the Romanian people must be celebrated and remembered for as long as free men and women draw breath.

Just don’t tell Glenn Beck.

He’d be a-skeered.

4 responses to “>Codrea and Vanderboegh Via Romanian Media

  1. >Now the Romanians who come over here wonder why we don't see what's happening to our nation.

  2. >Why the jab at Glenn Beck? I don't see the connection.

  3. >The Romanians captured and darned near summarily killed both their national leader and his wife.Not exactly the "faith, hope, and charity" path….

  4. >CA, Have you noticed that Bapu Beck's 'Gandhi gear' has disappeared? Wonder whahoppened? Maybe someone told him that all that banging & clanging was too violent & might send the 'wrong message'. The telling thing about his adoration of Mohandas is what he leaves out, like when the 'Mahatma' told European Jews not to resist the Nazis but instead march willingly onto the cattle cars & then into the gas chambers so as to shame them into seeing the error of their ways. The 'embarrassing' part is that when the full scope of what the Nazis did was finally revealed, Gandhi admitted that he MAY have been wrong. One wonders if it'll take a 'Final Solution' in the U.S. to get Bapu Beck/similar to admit that, like their guru, they too were catastrophically WRONG. Cassandra (of Troy)