>John Galt FLA delivers the news, as does Insty.

Good riddance.

UPDATE 1318 EDT 28 JUNE 2010: The Other McCain nails it.

UPDATE 1345 EDT 20 JUNE 2010: But Billy Beck gets the last word.

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  1. >My only regret at his passing is that he did not take Harry Reid and the rest of the Senate to Hell with him.MALTHUS

  2. >As a life-long West Virginian, I couldn't agree more.

  3. >"The Robert Byrd Ninth Circle."Has a kind of ring to it, doncha think?

  4. >While I will issue my customarily condolences to his family (they're all human, just like us, no matter how much we disagree with them), I must confess that my first thought was "Good, it was about time," followed shortly by "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."Glenn Beck was a hoot this morning, speculating about whether Byrd would be buried in his hood. He said that this is normally a rude thing to say, but far less so when someone, you know, actually OWNED a hood in which they could be buried.Let's just say that the political situation isn't worse for the lovers of Liberty with this guy in a box.

  5. >…now if Feinstein, Lautenburg, Schumer, Boxer, Murray, Frank, Snow, Hatch, Reid, McCain, Graham, Oh! the list is too long! Do that have that much room down there?KPN3%

  6. >It's about time that this traitorous, sexually perverted criminal, left for his long overdue reward…..burning in hell for eternity.As for the rest of the criminal cabal in the district, they WILL get what is coming to them in the end. (heh, heh)BobIII

  7. >After reading all these hallowed comments, I can only add; I sincerely hope he feels warm, all over forever and ever……..EdIII