>VDH On Anger

>Victor Davis Hanson details a long train of abuses and usurpations.

I prefer John Robb’s terse assessment at the end of this entry.

6 responses to “>VDH On Anger

  1. >I like to think there is still a chance.

  2. >Why do I doubt that the tea party, will go the way of your picture (the rock thrower). The tea party for the most part, seems to think the "system" is salvageable. Even I'm guilty of hoping they are right. Believing that the Republican party can be remade from the inside.Just remember "Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock." Will RogersTime for the rock is coming.

  3. >Well past that.

  4. >VDH is a lefto and the only thing that is interesting about the article is the fact that even the fucking left is a little disconcerted about O's performance. Somehow their Utopia is not happening. First paragraph: "our elites"….they are not my elites! I will grant you that we are faced with pack of snobbish, over-schooled, ignoramuses in government who fancy themselves as elite and chosen….but they are not my elites. Maybe VDH's elite pals but not mine and I hope not yours either. I prefer J. Robb and his assessment. This is a depression in economic terms. And things are really only starting to get bad.KPN3%

  5. >that is a great video.

  6. >When I read items like this I think of what I call my "Christmas Card List" Not like I plan on spending one thin dime on Postage but my Christmas Card List is from the list of names from the: Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, and last but not least, The Council on Foreign Relations. While there might not be any actual Christmas Cards sent, those shitbirds from those three groups do actually deseve SPECIAL TREATMENT. Now I would never advocate extermination, those on these 3 lists are actually Oxygen Wasters which is against the "Global Warming" extremists plan. Simply kill them all is my motto. This is simply cutting to the chase but those turds need to be killed.