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>The Black Hole Approaches

>First read this Bloomberg article and this very brief piece from Seeking Alpha.

Then read the latest from Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph.

You do understand that you, your children, and your grandchildren are being beggared not only to pay for utterly unsustainable domestic entitlement programs, but also to keep European banks afloat, don’t you?

You also get that the 30 trillion Euro (~$39.1 trillion USD) liability figure cited above by AE-P will be backstopped, going forward, in large part by the remaining productive American taxpaying suckers such as you and me, right?

And finally, you do know that we moronic American serfs will receive exactly cock-a-doodle-doo in exchange for this transatlantic thievery, ja?

So what are you going to do about it?

Write a letter?

Make a phone call?

Wave a protest sign?

Cast a vote?

How’s that working out for you?

Even more importantly, how’s your tactics thus far working out for your children and grandchildren?

Do you understand yet?

>Lonesome Rhodes Suckles From The Beast

>Alvie at The Cliffs explains.

>Will Washington’s Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?

>Thanks to the readers who pointed to this op-ed piece from Investor’s Business Daily:

The Internet is a large-scale version of the “Committees of Correspondence” that led to the first American Revolution — and with Washington’s failings now so obvious and awful, it may lead to another.

People are asking, “Is the government doing us more harm than good? Should we change what it does and the way it does it?”

Read the rest.

IBD is a mainstream, albeit conservative, periodical.

For this editorial to be published by IBD shows how far and how fast the Obamites have come.

And make no mistake – the Bad People are only getting started.

Are there enough remaining Americans with the brains and the guts to stop them — by any means necessary?

You make the call.

>From Meccania To Atlantis – Part 17: Shotgun Marriage In Europe

>Fortify your Saturday-morning coffee and plunge into the latest chapter from Takuan Seiyo, which opens:

As the West is being destroyed by its own elected leaders, its smartest and most creative, its most successful and prettiest, and the great majority of the population follows as though after the Piper of Hamlin, the salient question is how to save what remains and the people who carry what remains. Very few of the latter are in the political or managerial leadership caste, and you could count on one hand the ones whose exceptional talents or beauty set a large number of hearts aflutter.

An even greater problem is that the destroyers and looters have been in sole purview of culture and education for so long that hardly any under-50 Whites remain who have retained their own mind and its link to their uniquely magnificent Western heritage. That link has been replaced either by a permanent hairshirt for the real and imagined transgressions of the West against the (broadly speaking) East and South, or by a moronic multiculti rainbow pastiche expressed, among others, in the pumping loins of white rappers and pop divas that are but inferior copies of stuff black people do better.

The majority of the people alive now in every Western country, and overwhelmingly so among the young, react at best with discomfort and avoidance to ideas that are not apologist for their race, history and religion. If they are socialist and proactively dhimmi, as most young are, that reaction to the West’s traditional culture and heritage often sharpens to hateful hysteria that may resemble Donald Sutherland’s vocalization as a fresh Pod(1) encountering the last remaining person in San Francisco that has not been snatched and cloned, yet.

As the prevailing social fairytales and phantom finance dominoes topple sequentially, the ruling elites that constructed that particular train of hollow pieces engage in increasingly frantic actions to disguise and postpone the effects of the staggered downfall. To paper-over gaping craters in the founding concepts and subsequent applications of the global economy and financial capitalism, they blow up sovereign debts to levels that will cause either sovereign defaults or currency cave-ins in the future. Lipstick no longer adhering to the Muslim jihad and Mexican reconquista hemlock they have planted in the West, they switched from their transparently ludicrous Beautiful Diversity propaganda to totalitarian controls like the Patriot Act in the United States, the Equality Act in Great Britain, Hate Speech laws and Snatcher-orchestrated denunciations of fictive “racism.” They are destroying their peoples in punishment for their own treason and stupidity – and nothing seems able to stop them.

This type of mega-scam that transfers the consequences of foolishness and evil by the few onto the many or by Group A onto Group B has become the main defining feature of Western democracies, as it has always been of banana republics and socialist utopias.

Instead of allowing crooked, incompetent and bankrupt TBTF (“too-big-to-fail”) enterprises to fail, elected oligarchs have socialized the Crooks’ losses by buying their garbage book assets with the people’s money at fictitious face values.

Instead of leaving Greece & Co. to eat the consequences of swindle and socialism, the EU is spending Germans’ and Americans’ (through the IMF) money in a futile attempt to bail out the bail-unworthy.

Instead of leaving spenders and speculators to learn Reality’s lesson, the rulers’ fiat saves the spenders at the expense of the savers and the speculators at the expense of the investors.

Instead of making amends for the myopic madness of exporting the West’s industrial base to China, the captains of everyone’s fate raid everyone’s pocket to support and morally incapacitate the multitudes that have been idled for life by that export.

Instead of properly controlling the criminally violent and insane, the Masters-of-Destiny have disarmed – everywhere but in America (and not for lack of trying) – the law-abiding, peaceful and sane.

Instead of allowing the best to rise to the top, they push to the top the possessors of magic skin tones and preferred orificial parameters. This cuts down the future of the West at the knees.

Instead of dressing the critical wounds they have inflicted on their peoples by seeding among them imported Muslims, the reigning Loons engage in the futile madness of trying to convert imported Muslims into postmodern Westerners and the Muslims’ 7th-century home countries into pluralistic democracies.

First they brought in the Muslims, the Aztecs and the Bantu under the pretext that we are all the same. When the imports turned out not to be the same, they invented Multiculti Diversity. Then the imports started acting out their diversity by destroying the West wholesale by PETN or drunken driving, gang rape or gangster crime, street warfare or endless welfare. So the ruling savants reinvented the Police State, crushing the West’s 800-years of struggle toward natural inalienable right and freedom from state tyranny.

Instead of profiling and discouraging easily identifiable colonizers, the Loons have turned major features of modern life into a nightmare for everyone. Air travel is now a slow and humiliating torture for a billion people who wouldn’t know Allahu Akbar from a name for a new cocktail. Wiring money to your daughter in another country rings investigative bells in three snooping centers around the world. Your face, your car and home are on Big Brother cameras always, but hostile Muslims who live off public welfare demand and get exemptions from the snooping that only Muslim terrorism can even try to justify…

Read the rest, and be honest about the odds of reversing the trends described.

Then act accordingly.

Prior chapters in this series here.


>If you want to cut your own throat, don’t come to me for a bandage.

Attributed to Margaret Thatcher

>Porretto: Bastions And Batteries – Part IV

>Please read Francis Porretto’s thoughts on how the OpFor will counter the growing swell towards resistance in Part IV of his ongoing series.

>NYT: Firing Line

>The New York Times Sunday Magazine does an extensive report on the Appleseed Program, with related slide show and video.

Reader comments are also worth the read.

Bracken: The CW2 Cube — Mapping The Meta-Terrain Of Civil War Two


From Matthew Bracken, author of Enemies Foreign And Domestic, Domestic Enemies – The Reconquista, and Foreign Enemies And Traitors:

The CW2 Cube — Mapping the Meta-Terrain Of Civil War Two
by Matthew Bracken

A second civil war in the United States would be an unparalleled disaster. Nobody who is sane and who has studied modern civil wars from Spain to Lebanon to the Balkans and beyond would ever wish to see one occur. But if political, cultural and demographic trends are sweeping us toward that unhappy destiny, it would be wise to at least cast a weather eye over the possible terrain.

First, a caveat. I am not going to waste our time making politically-correct genuflections after every controversial sentence, because this essay is intended to be read by mature and rational adults.

Before we move on to the cube, let’s begin with the CW2 Square. The cube is best tackled in another step. Draw the square and label one axis Poorer to Richer. Label the other axis Darker to Lighter. Darker, for brevity, includes African-Americans, Hispanics and so on. Lighter refers to those of European ancestry. The two opposed meta-groups are the poorer and darker versus the richer and lighter, or whiter if you wish to be blunt. The richer/whiter have the power of their wealth, but counterbalancing that advantage is the fact that the poorer/darker have succeeded in wresting control of much of government power. This is so, even if most of their elected leaders are anything but poor or dark.

Now, before you scream out your exceptions, yes, there are rich black cattle ranchers and poor whites living in blighted urban areas and so on. However, to focus on them is to miss the critical centers of gravity of Civil War Two for the over-study of interesting but insignificant outliers. Filling one corner of the CW2 Square will be the poorer and darker, who primarily are liberal and progressive Democrats who believe in a malleable “living Constitution.” And in the other corner will be the richer and whiter, who mainly are conservative or libertarian Republicans who believe in the original intent of the written Constitution. Again, keep your eyes on the two meta-cores, not the exceptions.

Now, let’s add the third dimension and shoot another axis out from the square to form the CW2 Cube. Label the third axis Urban versus Rural, or City versus Country if you prefer. This axis gives a geographical dimension to the meta-terrain, but there will be no convenient dividing line between the opposed sides as there was during the first civil war. It has frequently been observed that today’s red-blue political map is better understood at the county than at the state level. Even blue states like Illinois, California and New York are rural-red outside of their blue urban cores. Obviously, these urban cores are heavily populated but geographically small, with all that means to the electoral process today and to a possible civil war later.

So the opposing corners of the CW2 Cube can be seen as the poorer, darker cities versus the richer, whiter rural areas. Again, don’t quibble about outliers. Yes, there are a few rich, conservative African-Americans living in Wyoming, many poor white liberal Democrats in rural West Virginia, some rich conservatives in San Francisco and every other exceptional case imaginable.

Most of us live in the mushy, mongrel middle, far from the tips of the two opposite corners. But the centers of gravity of Civil War Two shall be as I have described: the relatively richer, whiter and more rural against the poorer, darker and urban. One can also propose many more axes of conflict than can fit on a cube, such as the religious versus the non-believers, socialists versus capitalists, statists versus individualists and so on. However, after you reflect upon the CW2 Cube, I think you will find that most of these extra axes can be overlaid parallel to one of the three already posited.

So, of what use is the CW2 Cube, other than in providing a conceptual map for Civil War Two?

In my research as a novelist who attempts to write realistic fiction about the coming years, I have long been a student of modern civil wars. One repeated lesson of modern civil war is that there is inherently dangerous, even fatal terrain. Some of this predictably-dangerous terrain is often highly desirable and even advantageous before the outbreak of civil war.

To begin: you do not want to live as a trapped and cut-off minority in what might become “enemy territory.” If you live amidst your civil war enemies, as defined and located within the CW2 Cube, you will be in mortal danger even if your immediate neighbors know, love and respect you. Those persons who have a stake in fanning the flames of CW2 (and their number shall be legion), will intentionally target those remaining “holdouts” who may be respected minority neighbors. (In this essay, minority means “the minority within a given group or area.” Blacks are the majority in some areas, and whites are the minorities in others, and so on.)

Frequently in modern civil wars, roaming armed groups (in or out of uniform) will even force people to kill their own beloved and respected minority neighbors as an ultimate loyalty test. If they refuse, they may themselves be killed as “traitors.” Besides pre-conflict racists and radicals, there will be an ever-increasing pool of persons attempting to expel minorities from their homes. Those embittered unfortunates who have already been ethnically cleansed will be seeking new living quarters, and the homes and property of “enemy” minorities still living in majority territory will be the first on the chopping block. (Not the auction block, because payment of any kind is rarely offered.) This process of minority eviction becomes self-perpetuating.

Often, those members of minorities who escape as refugees are the lucky ones who do not lose their lives during the back-and-forth of escalating violence. The fact that they may have been loved, admired and respected for many years by their majority-population neighbors will not protect them. This is a clear lesson of modern civil war. Another is that while the rich or the well-to-do can sometimes hide their wealth and pass as proles, the same cannot be said about concealing one’s racial or ethnic identity. Religious affiliation and political leanings can also be hidden, but outward appearance cannot. Civil War Two may begin on purely political grounds, but it will devolve into something worse.

Does this mean that all white city-dwellers should head for the hinterland, or that dark-skinned folks living in the country should move to the city? It’s not for me to say. We all hope and pray that there will never be a second “hot civil war” in America, instead of merely the “cold civil war” we are engaged in today. But the lessons of modern civil wars should not be ignored. Another lesson is that it will take tremendous moral courage to defy the hot-heads and radicals, and shield your minority neighbors from harm. Think of Anne Frank. Think of those indescribably brave inhabitants of the former Yugoslavia who hid their minority neighbors, when the discovery of that fact could and often did lead to their own deaths.


While Civil War Two is on the table for discussion, allow me to introduce two aggravating factors that don’t fit neatly on the cube. The first is the concept of multiple embedded minorities. Picture the old cartoon mainstay showing a line of fish getting ready to gobble another fish, from the leviathan down to the small fry. You might live in a neighborhood where you are in the majority, but the neighborhood is in a town where you are in the minority. And the town is surrounded by a larger area where your own kind once again predominates.

Or you might fit into the picture as the smallest of all fish, living in the only minority household within a majority neighborhood. From street to neighborhood to city to state to region can easily place you in the middle of several levels of embedded minorities-within-majorities. This formulation might work for many decades during times of relative prosperity and well-being, but during a civil war it is a recipe for disaster, as unstable as nitroglycerin-filled bowling pins. It’s all cool just as long as the pins are standing still and calmly hanging out together, but look out when the Black Swan bowling ball comes rolling in! An unstoppable chain reaction ensues, as each new act of violence is avenged up and down the line.

Remember that funny line-of-fish cartoon, and imagine it a few seconds later when the biting begins. It’s not so funny then — especially for the smaller fish.

The second aggravating factor is the unstable triangle of the three-sided civil war. The Bosnian Serbs, Croats and Muslims provide a classic example. Each side of the unstable triangle will backstab yesterday’s ally at the moment they perceive themselves to be at a local disadvantage, or when they see an opportunity to wipe out an historic enemy with a new Final Solution. The unstable ethnic triangle in the United States will in many places be composed of black, white and Hispanic sides. By comparison, the old black and white social dichotomy was inherently stable, even when it might have been rife with injustice.

In some areas, Asians, Middle-easterners, Native Americans and other groups will contribute to the formation of regional social geometries that are even more unstable than the unstable triangle. Study modern civil wars and you will cringe at the implications. A steel roller-coaster overloaded with old dynamite and electric blasting caps during a lightning storm comes to my mind.

And finally, some urban settings are just disastrous during a modern civil war, even if they might offer a terrific quality of life during peacetime. Perhaps the top of the list of danger areas are high-rise buildings located near potential civil war flashpoints or fault lines. Living in a cluster of high-rises divided by a “green line” during a guerrilla sniper war is a worst-case horror show. Not to mention the misery attendant to life in a tall building without running water, electricity, sewage service, working elevators, heating or air-conditioning. While under intermittent sniper fire. For months.

So should you stay or should you go? If you don’t believe that another civil war in America is possible, then simply disregard this column. But if you think that a second civil war could happen then picture the CW2 Cube and map your location within it. If you think that you live near a possible civil war fault line, especially as a local minority, consider relocating.

After the fact, a common sentiment heard from urbane, secular Bosnians living in the Olympic City of Sarajevo expressed complete disbelief that a brutal, bloody civil war could have come to their modern European city and tear their lives apart.

But it did.

A parting suggestion to students of modern civil war is to read “Seasons in Hell: Understanding Bosnia’s War” by the British journalist Ed Vulliamy. It’s currently collecting dust at your local public library, waiting only to be read.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Matthew Bracken is the author of the “Enemies” trilogy, beginning with 2003’s “Enemies Foreign And Domestic”. For more information, go to

See also Misha Glenny’s The Third Balkan War for his account of what happens when a society commits autogenocide.

>Another Ratchet Click

>Read this post at Atlas Shrugs.

Citizens, there is nothing to see here!

Your Federal Bureau of Investigation has a long and illustrious history of protecting civil rights and avoiding the abuses perpetrated by other state security police agencies.

Pay no attention to those malcontents, wreckers, and saboteurs who claim that the FBI has already abused the National Security Letter mechanism.

As you know, your FBI has instituted special educational processes to ensure that its agents are sensitive to privacy issues.

It’s time for all real Americans to support Director Mueller, General Holder, and the President in their never-flagging efforts to look into every digital communication and thus keep all right-minded Americans safe from the threat of domestic terrorism, thoughtcrime, and the heartbreak of psoriasis.


SSA Lon Horiuchi
Special Community Outreach Program
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC



(click to enlarge)
Someone over at Princess Nancy’s place this morning must be curious about the activities of the groundlings.

Either that, or someone in the House of Representatives is actually thinking about building a guerrilla sniper rifle for their own purposes.

Your tax dollars at work….

>Quote Of The Week

>What you and I consider grievances, the Obama administration considers accomplishments.

— A commenter on

>Are Cops Constitutional?

>Bill St. Clair links to this 2001 article asking a fundamental question.

Read the whole thing, and also consider how seldom the judicial branch restrains the executive branch’s blue-uniformed enforcers.

What would Lee Greenwood say?

>Porretto: Bastions & Batteries – Part III

>Here’s the latest from Francis Porretto in his ongoing series.

Consider this — the mainstream media cannot be trusted to supply facts upon which sound action plans can be based.

If you can’t trust the media to gather facts, how will you make your plans?

That’s right. You’ll gather information on your own.

More on that topic soon.

>Porretto: Bastions & Batteries

>Please take the time to read these two essays from Francis Porretto at Eternity Road:

Bastions And Batteries, Part 1: A Coda To Codevilla

Bastions And Batteries, Part 2: Techno-Fascism, 2010

Building the right positions in the right places at the right time, combined with the willingness and ability to go mobile immediately and leave those positions forever, is part of the answer.

Defending people, principles, and provisions, rather than places, is another part of the answer as well.

Keep at your training in all spheres.

It will not be for nought.

>10 Principles for a Black Swan-Robust Society

>This piece by Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan, is introduced by Vanderleun, who notes:

The author of “The Black Swan” proposes some fundamentals so simple that even a Neanderthal can implement them.

Hence chances for implementation approach absolute zero until the coming catastrophe subsumes trillions of dollars and billions of people and members of our “expert elite ruling class” are demoted to pinatas and lampost decorations…

Read all of the links, then think through what it means if Vanderleun’s arch prediction of non-implementation is accurate.

Tempus fugit.

>The Ministry of Truth

>Take a good long look at these people.

They are members of the mainstream media and members of a now-defunct list server called “Journolist”.

They believe they are the annointed Media Elite, which helps to shape the world about which they report.

They also believe that each of you is an ignorant rube who must be told what to do and how to behave, by government and its servants, the mainstream media.

Remember these names and these faces:

(click to enlarge)

There will be a test.

>The Soviet Story

Extended trailer above.

Wiki entry here.

Full movie (not great quality, but available), plus brief commentary, here from Moonbattery (h/t to Maggie). Alternative hosting is here.

Not coincidentally, this is a Latvian movie from 2008.

The Baltics and the other captive eastern European nations delivered by the fellow traveler Roosevelt for bolsheviki gang-rape know exactly in full about the gap between American words and deeds.

Watch the movie, and keep that gap in mind as the Mighty Kenyan’s USA stumbles, gasping, into the gutter.

>Restore The Constitution Eastern Rally — 14 August — Greensboro, NC

>Link here:

RTC Eastern Rally — 14 August — Greensboro, NC


Time: August 14, 2010 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park
Street: 2331 New Garden Rd
City/Town: Greensboro, NC

From Muster 8-14:


Speakers at this rally include:

1. Mike Vanderboegh (Alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters)

2. Daniel Almond (Organizer of the Original Restore The Constitution rally)

3. Dr. Ida Fisher(National Spokeswoman for the Conservative Republican Party)

4. Taylor Ruble (from NC Rangers)

5. John Ainsworth (Civil War and Constitutional historian)

6. Ron Woodard (NC Listen)

7. David DeGerolamo (Founder of NC Freedom)

8. Bubba from the blog “What Bubba Knows”

9. Laura Long from “Triangle Conservative Unite”

10. Dr Dan (from the mountains in NC and has his owm TV show)

11. Dr BJ Lawson (running for Congress)

12. Rick Smith (Former Marine and running for NC State Senate)

13. Bill Randall (running for Congress)

14. June Griffin (running for Governor of Tennessee)

Help spread the word.

>Restore The Constitution Western Rally — 14 August — Capitan, NM

>Flyer here.

Website here.

Help spread the word.

>Harry & Nancy’s Last Stand

>Neo-Neocon on the upcoming lame duck session in Congress:

Harry and Nancy’s Last Stand
Think cap and trade and other unpopular bills are dead? Think again, no matter who wins at the ballot box in November.
June 23, 2010 – by Neo-Neocon

Think cap and trade is dead? Think again: Politico’s Mike Allen reports that Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership have a plan, a continuation and deepening of the disregard for the American public they so amply demonstrated through the process by which they passed the despised HCR bill:

Phil Schiliro, the White House congressional liaison, has told the Senate to aim to take up an energy bill the week of July 12, after the July 4 break (and after the scheduled final passage of Wall Street reform). Kagan confirmation will follow, ahead of the summer break, scheduled to begin Aug. 9. The plan is to conference the new Senate bill with the already-passed House bill IN A LAME-DUCK SESSION AFTER THE ELECTION, so House members don’t have to take another tough vote ahead of midterms.

The rest of the piece goes on to make it clear that this plan has the full support of President Obama, who himself does not face re-election until 2012 and wants cap and trade passed before the year is out.

This “fierce urgency of now” comes from the obvious political consideration that a lame duck Congress has nothing to lose. Once it’s been thrown under the bus and lies there bleeding (actually, you might say it threw itself in front of the bus, but let’s not quibble about the finer points), it might just as well enact a piece of legislation that will further bankrupt the country and please the left fringe and nobody else. Beware a group that’s still in power but has stopped fearing any consequences from the public.

Jay Cost adds:

This strategy has the same odor that stank up the final stages of health care reform

Actually, the stink is much stronger. At least with HCR, the representatives in the House and a third of the Senate knew they would have to face the voters in 2010. If Republicans win control during that election, and then the present Democratic Congress takes up and passes the hugely unpopular cap and trade between November’s election and January’s swearing in, nearly all pretense of accountability will be gone, and whatever might still remain of Obama’s affable “let us reason together” disguise will have been vaporized as he is fully revealed for the arrogant and cold-blooded power-hungry operator he always has been.

To many people, the congressional Democrats’ contempt for the public’s wishes came as somewhat of a surprise when the HCR bill was first being pondered, and especially when the push was renewed despite the election of Scott Brown. After all, politicians are usually more interested in self-preservation than that. But by the time the bill had become law, we had learned a great deal more about how the Democrats had morphed into an overbearing majority (that phrase comes from Federalist Paper #10, written by the prescient James Madison), determined to pass their agenda and thwart the will of the people because yes, they could.

Back in mid-April, I wrote this piece for the Weekly Standard on that very topic. The following bears repeating now:

[The process of passing HCR] revealed a president and a congressional leadership that in concert have shown more callous contempt than any in history for the will of the American people, the safeguards against the tyranny of the majority built into the Constitution, and the parliamentary rules by which Congress operates. And there’s every indication that, if need be, the same will be true of cap and trade, immigration reform, or whatever else Obama, Pelosi, and Reid may deem the next morsel they plan to cram down the recalcitrant throat of the American public.

It is this stench of tyranny on the part of Congress that is very new and very noticeable, even to ordinary Americans who usually don’t pay a particle of attention to the arcane rules of the House and Senate.

Obama may try to freshen it up and disguise the smell with an overlay of perfumed talk. But, like those little pine tree air fresheners that hang in cars, or the sprays people spritz into a stinky room, it fools no one. It only serves to add an additional nasty odor on top of the first, so that we now have two smells instead of one.

But the Democrats do not appear to be so concerned with fooling people any more…

Read the rest.

Do you understand yet?