>Porretto: Bastions & Batteries

>Please take the time to read these two essays from Francis Porretto at Eternity Road:

Bastions And Batteries, Part 1: A Coda To Codevilla

Bastions And Batteries, Part 2: Techno-Fascism, 2010

Building the right positions in the right places at the right time, combined with the willingness and ability to go mobile immediately and leave those positions forever, is part of the answer.

Defending people, principles, and provisions, rather than places, is another part of the answer as well.

Keep at your training in all spheres.

It will not be for nought.

4 responses to “>Porretto: Bastions & Batteries

  1. >Roger, WILCO.I have not been this sore since basic training. All spheres is right! I have no doubts as to the magnitude of crash that awaits us at the end of this tunnel.But heck, C.A., even if it is all for naught, I am a better shot on the move and prone, I am in better physical shape, and I can focus my mind…all of this I can do now better than ever.So even if the skittles-crapping unicorn comes down from rainbowland and fixes our economy, restores this nation to the land of the free, and makes this nation better than ever, I am still ahead.Thanks for the work you do here.JustinIII

  2. >Just a question. What would happen to our prime human resources if a war with (take your pick but make it BIG) were to erupt & our prime, well-trained resources were drafted & sent to God knows where? How many would be left behind to secure the home front from the tyrants? The mind is going to dark places this am. Just paying attention is sufficient for that.

  3. >Nice picture of the Dupuy Fighting Position. Interlocking fields of fire. Nice. Until your buddy to your left or right doesn't see the bad guy, or gets smoked himself. Then you don't see him (note that directly to the front of the position, there is no firing/observation port) the bad guy that is, and then you get smoked. This only works if there is defense in depth. Had to put up with this crap back in the eighties. Even privates could see how stupid it was.

  4. >I do not see any overhead cover to reduce damage from the airburst artillery and mortar fire…. Or are you just hoping that the "others" will just go away when you say "No" backed up by weapons?