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Someone over at Princess Nancy’s place this morning must be curious about the activities of the groundlings.

Either that, or someone in the House of Representatives is actually thinking about building a guerrilla sniper rifle for their own purposes.

Your tax dollars at work….

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  1. >Sipsey Street Irregulars reports a similar ping about their report on the proposed new head of ATF and his Joyce Foundation connections. Is the FIRST Amendment now becoming problematical to our Overseers?

  2. >Ever think their next "false flag" attack might be us? And I mean specifically WRSA or Sipsey, War on Guns, etc?

  3. >Being very careful, I see. Only spent a second…must've found out he'd clicked on the wrong link. That could be as bad as viewing porn on a govt. laptop. On second thought, porn on govt. laptops is expected, isn't it?

  4. >The local news here in Virginia said today that Lee Boyd Malvo, the killer in the team of two "Beltway Snipers" along with John Lee Muhammed, says two other men were going to be in on the campaign of terror but backed out at the last minute. Haven't heard about these guys for quite a while. Maybe the government is interested in going after our semi-autos again, since Malvo and (Army veteran) Muhammed used an AR-15 for their murders. It draws attention again to militia-useful weapons — even though these guys auditioning for Osama Bin Ladin's army and also hoping to extort a few hundred thousand dollars in protection money fired once on each victim and could have done it with a muzzle-loader.

  5. >Do ya think maybe that a Congresscriter is wanting to join in the ¨Restoration¨, it is doubtful but there could maybe, possibly, be one or two, or am I just dreaming. Dennis III Texas

  6. >Well,they SHOULD be paying attention to something! How much longer do they really think this will continue until the cards fall down?!? SMF'S!!!CIII

  7. >Anybody in that half of the building, be they representative, aide, lobbyist, or some visitor just borrowing the WiFi, would come up with that addy.Just sayin'.

  8. >Agreed, Tam. But as the man said:“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”;-)

  9. >To whoever said "they only stayed a second" — that's not so.Since they only visited one page, which took only a second to serve to them, we have no idea how long they spent looking at it.Could have been all day.If they go on to other pages, then the tracker will subtract the load times to determine how long they were here — but it STILL won't include the time spent reading the last page they visited…DD

  10. >Why does it say "Visit Length 0 seconds"?

  11. >I get them all the time on my blog, especially when I wrote some interesting stuff about "particle physics". Ended up calling them and asking them to back off and they realized I wasn't a terrorist and Fed-Exed me a DHS gift…Was really funny because I was getting pinged by BATFE, DOJ, FBI, various known DHS IPs, and the National Nuclear Laboratories, as well as US Army Info Management and Naval and USAF Intelligence…Whole pile of people all doing the same thing and monitoring the same web page, it was funny.But I also have some readership that are legitimate readership that happen to be .gov and .mil. They click on the interesting firearms and history articles, not my rants against the police state and machine gun stuff.

  12. >OMG they were using Opera, must be a liberal.